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Megan and Richard

As butterflies twirled and flowers blossomed, Megan’s heart skipped a beat when her beloved partner, Richard knelt before her on the butterfly bridge in Stratford-Upon-Avon, to ask for her hand in marriage. A decade beforehand, these love-struck teenagers started a playground romance after Megan persisted, and then on August 25th 2017, the gorgeous couple tied the knot. Their dream wedding sustained the butterfly and nature theme with tints of cream and teal, replicating Richards dark grey and teal suit perfectly. After falling in love with dress instantly, it was clear to all that the La Sposa wedding gown, complemented Megan’s personality seamlessly. The stunning strapless fishtail style looked elegant paired with a lace guipure, adding an extra feature to the button-back gown. The long veil Megan wore looked flawless with her naturally waved hair and the detail of the dainty diamantes added a little sparkle. The bouquet was a natural masterpiece, flourishing with calla lilies and peacock feathers, among an earthy accent of herbs and moss. The breath-taking moment Megan sauntered down the aisle, Richard’s eyes lit up and his expression was priceless – a memory Megan will cherish forever.

BA6A1024_resized (4).jpg


Do you have any top tips on overcoming nerves the night before your wedding, Megan?

‘Yes, I was so nervous, but I kept myself distracted with my bridesmaids. We stayed ‘til late, chatting and dancing around the bedroom!’


If you could go back to the planning stage of your wedding, what would you do differently and why?

‘I wouldn’t change a thing! We took 2 years to plan our special day in order to make it absolutely right for us. I searched for suppliers endlessly and selected the ones that best suited the natural theme of our wedding.’


What is the best piece of advice you could offer another bride?

‘It’s your day it’s important to not let anyone tell you what to do or that they don’t like your ideas. Your wedding day reflects you and your soon to be husband so if someone gives you advise or tells you what to do simply smile and say ‘thank you I’ll take it on board’ but then go ahead and do what you want anyway. Also, when you’re sat at your table sitting down for food, just take a moment to look up from all the madness and take it all in; look around the room and see what people are wearing and how they look and the smiles and laughter of your loved ones that surround you. Careful because it goes by so fast, you have to enjoy it!’


What are you most looking forward too about married life?

‘I can’t wait to start a family and have kids together. It’s us against the world and I’m so excited to seize our time to create our home and plan our future, exactly how we’ve dreamt it!’

BA6A0765_resized (4).jpg


Dress - La Sposa at The Wedding Room

Cake - Heavenly Exquisite Deserts

Caterer and Venue - Morley Hayes

Venue Stylist - Creative Occasions

DJ - In House

Photographer - Jason Carter Welham photography


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But you don't have the dress I want!!!!!

So you have trawled the internet, flicked through the latest wedding glossies and finally you have identified a wedding dress designer whose style you adore. You have studied their collections, the previous season and the new up and coming collection. Yes this designer is definitely on your wavelength. Next step is to find your local stockist and book an appointment to try on with your family and friends. Easy right?

Appointment booked!

Along with 'Team Bride' you excitedly arrive and scan the shop only to find the dream dress is not there.

So what if the store who stock your preferred designer do not have your dream dress from the designers collection? ALL IS NOT LOST. Most designers offer what is called a loan service, which means they will quite simply loan the desired dress to the shop for a short period of time. This is such a useful service if you just can't get that one dress out of your head. It means you will have the peace of mind that you tried it on, and you won't be left wondering if you settled for another dress ( which we do not advise)

Annie by LouLou Bride

Annie by LouLou Bride

This style above was a style we recently loaned from LouLou bridal, which we adored.

The most typical comment we received when we arrange for a loan dress is 'it's better than I expected, it's so nice to see it in real life than on an image online' most brides would recommend the service as very valuable for their decision making process. Often the detail online isn't always clear, the colour isn'taccurate and the feel and movement of the garment cannot be assessed in the same way as the real thing!

Pretty floral print, not easy to see online.

Pretty floral print, not easy to see online.

A word of advise.

Try calling the shop before hand to make sure they stock the dress you have set your heart on. If they don't you may want to consider requesting a loan service for your first appointment, so as not to waste your time or the shops valuable appointment slots.

Appreciate 'that' dress maybe on loan to another shop and you may have to wait for it to be returned to the designer, checked over and then reposted out to your local boutique. Time is of the essence, so plan ahead.

The sample dresses is likely to only come in one size, most typically a size 12. Designers do not carry samples in lots of sizes.

There is usually a small fee from the designer for the service, but it is money well spent if it's the one.

What if I don't like it? Well this can happen but it will have still been a useful exercise otherwise you would have been thinking what if? It would be back to the research for a similar style, or maybe the boutique will be able to recommend another designer they carry.

A success story.

Our bride Claire who had seen this dress online, at the time we didn't carry it so we arranged the loan service for her.

Our bride Claire who had seen this dress online, at the time we didn't carry it so we arranged the loan service for her.

Last year Claire had contacted us about the Prudie dress by LouLou bride. We didn't stock this dress but the speedy service from LouLou meant that within a couple of days the dress was with us and Claire's decision was instant!!!

We loved the dress so much that we do actually stock this style now. Silk organza edged with delicate lace makes the skirt so delightful to wear as it moves so freely. The illusion neckline is flattering and bodice area around the torso is beyond flattering.

All our LouLou dresses can be seen here.  And to view our other designers look here.

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Tuesday - Shoe day!

New shoe collection from Rainbow Club

The latest offering from Rainbow Club for bridal wedding shoes has now arrived at The Wedding Room and you are in for a treat. There's glitz and glamour galore.

Sparkle detail, super soft upper cushioned liner, fashionable designs, intricate lace, classic styles and the option to have your shoes dyed to any colour. What is there to not love?

Ceri by Rainbow Club available at The Wedding Room

Ceri by Rainbow Club available at The Wedding Room

The luxury collection of wedding shoes features contemporary designs that blend exclusive fabrics, unique details and gorgeous embellishments.

Rainbow shoes Natala at The Wedidng Room Nottingham

Using rich laces and sparkle textures the shoes are up to date with fashions statements from the high street too. Want a chunky heel then the Rainbow Club collection encompasses all aspects. There are many heel heights to choose from and with every shoe now having a bliss comfort inner you will not only look stylish on your day but feel comfortable too.

Lavinia shoe from Rainbow CLub available at The Wedding Room

With a nod to all things metallic, be that, silver gold or copper this seasons collection encompasses that colour trend too. With beading being so popular on dresses at the moment it makes sense that you would carry that through to your shoes too.

As a little wedding gift, after your wedding, if you would like to continue to wear your wedding shoes but do not think ivory is a suitable colour for everyday, Rainbow will happily dye them for you free of charge if you select one of their 5 free colours. Chose from Pale Grey, Dark Navy, Wild Fuchsia, Black or Champagne. Alternatively you can select a colour of your choosing but there is a charge for this service.

Rainbow shoe Arabella

Call now to view our collection of shoes in store 0115 925 8876 or visit our page on this website address. Happy Shoe day.

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