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Body Positivity

I'm entering my third month in the role of bridal consultant and I am absolutely loving it. It is quite a privilege to be part of such a huge decision in a woman's life - choosing the one dress she will remember forever. But if I had to tell you one thing I wish I could change, it would be how many woman feel about their bodies.

When you make an appointment to shop for a wedding dress we understand you might feel apprehensive, you will be semi naked, being helped in and out of both fitted and full dresses and this is understandably part of the process some woman dread. We often hear apologies for having a big bum, small boobs, wide hips. We get told by brides they have to lose weight, gain weight, exercise more. We all have those little things we feel insecure about so let's stop excusing them and embrace the fact we are 'real women'.

From our side it's very different. When you walk through our door firstly we are so excited you chose to visit The Wedding Room, we know you have lots of options out there and you chose us, we are always very happy to meet new brides.  Secondly, we want to get feel of what you want, which style of dress you have in mind and then thinking about what we have that might work, which of our dresses will suit your wedding theme, your personality, body shape and height, certainly not what you will look like in your underwear. 

We know we have a very important job to do and above all our aim is to find you your perfect wedding dress, so leave your apologies at home and come and enjoy the experience.

Image from @oldenglishcompany

Image from @oldenglishcompany

Published on by Mary Jeremiah.