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Autumn arrives with a whoosh.

It seems Autumn is officially here - chilly winds, crunchy fallen leaves, and cold noses are the norm now. When I think of weddings now I think cosy, warm colours; of cosseting yourself and your guests in a hearty pumpkin soup of a wedding!

With these lower temperatures, covering up can be a good option - long lace sleeves can look so chic don't you think? The wedding gown range available is vast and here at The Wedding Room we are a great place to start browsing in our welcoming boutique.

The image on the right is by Charlotte Balbier and available to try at The Wedding Room

So what about having your venue styling in shades of brown, red, or orange to complement your cool ivory dress? I love these funky DIY arrangement to set off a hall entrance or even as a table centrepiece. Add a few pine cones too and the drama of the Autumn appears magically.

Instinct might lead you to the classic Autumnal spectrum of colours. The floristry options are endless though thinking in seasonal flowers does help with the cost and quality available for your florist on the wedding day. Alternatively try praying paper flowers or succulents in gold shades can also look great in bouquets. Plenty of ideas are available for anyone who can turn their hands to all things crafty.

Alternatively at the other end of the spectrum, crisp mornings make me think of all things sparkling - classic drop earrings like those showcased by the beautiful Swarovski designers. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have some pretty wedding designs for clip on earrings. Also using crystal globe centrepieces are a great look to complement warmer shades.

Glamorous goldy bronze colours really suit the autumn theme; I loved these shoes and clutch bag for a classic grown up look. Do these ideas inspire you to plan an autumn wedding day?


Add a little more drama with this Nicole Farhi leaf necklace which would work brilliantly with an understated strapless dress.


So if your style is more rustic because you are a DIY diva favouring all things crafty or  whether you are influenced by the sparkle of those first frosts at this time of year, we hope you embrace the change of season!

Back in the Autumn of 2010 I also looked at Autumn inspiration, you can see the Nobility blog post here!





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All will be revealed.....

A post about veils! Morning folks, hope you had a good weekend. To kick start the week Katrina has been delving into the wonderful world of veils. Enjoy the blog and over to Katrina......

So today I am kicking off the topic of accessories with short veils. Veils are very much a matter of preference; I had one called "the elbow length" and didn't ever think I would have one as I thought it was a bit girly and I'm not really that in day-to-day life; but it completed my overall look for my special day and gave a bit of height to my hair here!

Did you know that there are names for all the different lengths? The shorter lengths vary from the birdcage veil which covers your face and part of your hair; the shoulder length veil; the blusher covers your face as you walk down the aisle and the elbow length that hits you above the elbow. It would seem that the birdcage veil is the most popular of the shorter 1950's inspired wedding dress currently. Lots of B2B have been having fun recently in The Wedding Room combining our range of Lou Lou Dresses with a birdcage veil.


The variety in colour tones and the material textures are vast... do you go for a French lace trim; a cloud of silk tulle, a swath of modern nylon tulle?


Shorter veils often look their best with 50's and 60's tea length dresses or with dresses which have detailing around the bodice to show it off. Also, if you have fine hair or have your hair piled high on top then a shorter veil will not weigh your hair down in the same way that a longer one can.

Some veils do come in various different lengths, either 54" or 72" as this Rainbow veil shown above. (available to buy at The Wedding Room too!)

Lets also face it girls, when are you ever going to get to wear one of these again! It's a bit like seeing a dress on a hanger in the changing room and thinking, well I'll just give it a go and hey presto it looks great! So do give them a go and I'd recommend that you buy in conjunction with your dress, as an expert like Mary can advise you on what suits your gown.

Until next time

Katrina x


Image 1. Katrina on her wedding day.

Image 2.

Image 3.

Image 4.

Image 5.

Image 6.



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How's a girl to choose?

Decisions, decisions.

Today was a very important day on the calendar for bridal shop owners. At 9:30 this morning the doors were opened wide at the Harrogate International Centre to welcome all the buyers who decide which styles to carry in their boutiques. Sounds wonderful doesn't it, hall after hall of stunning gowns to choose from, but it's actually a challenge to carefully select the designs we carry to offer to our customers.

What should I add to our existing range of dresses from Charlotte Balbier, Lou Lou Bridal and Madeline Isaac James? A contrast of styles or dresses to compliment? One thing for sure is the Vintage trend is still strong and doesn't show any signs of vanishing in the near future as pretty soft lace fabrics still dominate most collections.

There was certainly a buzz about the place as models frantically changed from one style to another to show the gowns at their best and buyers clambered for seats at the fashion shows.

I do appreciate how difficult it is to choose your one wedding dress but let me assure you its no easy feat choosing 10 new dresses either, especially when trying to cater for every taste, budget and silhouette,but I can think of worst things to have to do, so I'm not seeking your sympathy here. I love what I do and being surrounded by fabulous dresses everyday is a dream.

All this boils down to is one critical issue, communication. Ladies please speak to the owners of the bridal shops and express your preferences. Tell us what you like....and just as importantly what you don't like. A constant discussion I have been having over the last 2 months suggests strapless dresses are a thing of the passed and you lovely ladies out there are looking for more coverage. You tell us and we'll buy with you in mind!

Curious to know which additional label I have fallen for? You'll just have to pop to The Wedding Room to find out!

Inspire Me!!

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