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A Bride's Eye View

Lisa And Sam

Catching Lisa’s eye would not be a difficult task for Sam in their first week of Fresher’s at the University of Nottingham; his tie dye shirt would make anyone look twice! But it paid off for ‘Tie-Dye-Guy’ Sam as he won over the girl of his dreams, Lisa. His charm and romance prevailed at one Bonfire night in Nottingham Forest Recreational Park, as Sam whisked Lisa away from the busy crowds, over to a quiet area next to a grand, old tree. Pointing in awe at the fireworks, Sam distracted his beautiful girlfriend Lisa, and so when she turned back around, he was kneeling in front of her, asking for her hand in marriage.



It was the stunning bride, Lisa, that no one could take their eyes off on her gorgeous wedding day. To truly represent her personality, Lisa chose a retro style, ¾ length, tea dress from The Wedding Room’s Lou Lou Bridal gown collection. The sweet-heart neckline under the soft polka-dot sheer fabric complimented the shape and form of Lisa’s wedding gown. Paired perfectly with her retro themed, ivory shoes, it was a match made in 1960’s heaven!!


Sam and Lisa’s wedding worked with a rustic and Disney theme that combined a fun-loving and stylish vibe to truly illustrate the personality of the couple. The Sleeping Flower Company created their flowers, using dried and summer meadow ideas including Lisa’s favourite, daisies. Emanating the rustic style, Lisa wore daisies in her loosely tied up hair and her simple, elegant, mid length veil harmonised impeccably.



Were you nervous the night before your wedding, if so, how did you overcome the nerves?

Not so much the night before. We'd spent a long time setting up the village hall (Sam and me along with my family, the bridal party and some of the groomsmen) and so I was really tired! I started getting really nervous on the ride to the registry office, and was shaking when I got in!



Do you have any top tips on how to get the most out of your photographer?

Make sure to have a good chat with them beforehand. I hate chatting on the phone, but it was definitely worth it! Also be flexible- our photographer wanted us to try a few things we hadn't considered, and they led to some of the prettiest photos- especially a smoke bomb one!


f you could go back to the planning stage of your wedding, what would you do differently and why?

Try to be less stressed, we organised everything in under a year and I definitely panic bought some things we didn't need (including 3kg of hideous tasting sweets!)



What is the best piece of advice you could offer another bride?

Take time to enjoy the day! For me, it all went by so fast- but I really appreciated my bridesmaid taking me into the kitchen, getting me some fish and chips and giving me the chance to just spend some time with the bridal party!


What was your favourite moment of your wedding?

Sam had arranged a surprise visit from Notts Pug Mania, and we had a 'walk by' visit from lots of pugs dressed up in fancy little outfits! I was absolutely over the moon and spent a long time cuddling and fussing some very excited pugs.



What are you most looking forward too about married life?

Our first Christmas together!


Photographer - Princess Bride Photography

Caterer - Petals and Bells

Wedding Cake - Michelle's Cakes

Venue - Ticknall Village Hall

Venue Stylist - Princess Occasions

Band/DJ - Taylor and Taylor

Bridesmaids attire - Nabbd in Wimbledon

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New Dress Alert - Lusan Mandongus

We love nothing more than an arrival of a new dress.  This beautiful wedding dress by LM by Lusan Mandongus is available to try on now.

We love everything about this floor length, sleeveless gown with an illusion neckline.  Soft floral lace for a romantic, feminine look.  A perfect mid summer wedding dress.

Call now on 0115 9258876 to arrange an appointment.

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Plain & Simple . . .but definitely not boring!

Whilst lace and bling is all the rage we do know that some brides are looking for more understated glamour.  Don't panic because at The Wedding Room we have something for everyone.  One of our favourites at the moment is a simple tulle gown by Stella York. 

An understated silhouette with an open back and simple lace detail on the shoulders.  This dress needs to be tried on to appreciate the simple elegance which can be lost when just glanced over on the rail.

If tulle isn't your preferred fabric how about silk chiffon.  We love Agnes by Lou Lou Bridal.

 A beautiful silk chiffon dress with embroidered detail on the bodice.  This dress oozes a timeless classic style.  

Love these dresses and want to come and try them for yourself please call 0115 925 8876 to book an appointment.

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