Recommended Suppliers

We only recommend people whose products and work we are familiar with and whose standard of service is exceptional. Most of these suppliers come through our first hand experience and others through word of mouth from our brides.

If you know of any suppliers whose surpassed your expectations in the lead to up your wedding then please let me know.

Wedding cars:

Dennison Classic Cars - Contact Jo and Peter

Charlotte is my favourite car!


Butterworth Photography - Contact Neil and Becky. See our brides images here

Lifeline Photography - Contact Hannah Webster. See our photo shoot with Hannah here ( link coming soon)

HBA Photography - Contact Hannah and Ben. Examples of our bride and groom Rachel and David can be seen

Sarita White Photography - Contact Sarita. Examples of our bride Jenny can be seen here.

Make- up Artists:

Make Up by Jenni - Contact Jenni.

Rochelle O'Brien - Contact Rochelle

Hair Stylists:

L H Professional - Contact Laura

Alison Jenner - Contact Alison

Charlotte Wesson - Contact Charlotte

Cake Suppliers:

Yummy Little Cakes - Contact Natalie.

Chair Covers:

Nobility Chair Covers - Ask me!!!