Wedding Cakes 2014 This year's trend for cakes is all about being creative. Whilst people are still sticking to traditional sponges or fruit cake, this is definitely the year to be more experimental with the exterior and design of your cake.

Cake makers are seeing people wanting more than just a white cake and want to create something different and original.

Blogger Sarah Christopher of noticed three emerging trends in particular. "Our readers are making bolder and very stylish choices," said Sarah. "Wedding cakes have become real statement pieces. "The three emerging trends we're seeing are simply-styled cakes either with a statement trim, textured façade or flower adorned, whether it's inspired by the flower scheme or even the appliqué of the bride's dress. Ombre wedding cakes are another big trend that's cropping up."

It is clear from these beautiful designs, making the most of your exterior is key!

I personally love the added use of colour to the designs and the extravagance of many decorative flowers.

Wedding Cakes this year are definitely out to attract and impress viewers. All white, plain designs are clearly losing to these fabulous pieces which look honestly way too good to eat!