Rachel and Joe

Dressed in his 3-piece navy suit, Joe fidgeted with excitement as he waited with glee for his bride to be, as he stood at the front of the Church of the Assumption, in Beeston. 100 of the couples closest friends and family anticipated the arrival of the beautiful, blushing bride and she did not disappoint. Dressed in a stunning Eliza Jane Howell wedding gown, with a V-neck top and full length embroidery, Rachel took everyone’s breath away with her poise and elegance. The butterfly sleeve on this gorgeous wedding gown added a conservative element whilst the A-line shape flattered Rachel flawlessly. Her favourite colour, green was placed throughout the décor and prominent in the wild flower bouquets and arrangements. Filled with joy, Rachel strode down the aisle to say yes to the rest of her life with her prince charming, Joe.


Please describe how you chose your wedding attire.

I wanted to look like the best version of me. I wear my hair in a bob and never put my hair up or curl it. On my wedding day, I just had my hair blow dried into my usual bob to look natural.

Comfort was key when it came to shoe shopping! I went for a wide fitting Rainbow shoe with a tiny heel. The full-length wedding veil I chose was also from Rainbow; long, simple and elegant.

The dress was stunning and my parents were keen to pay for it, I don’t know if they had a budget or not, but there’s no price on happiness!

How and why did you select your florist?

I had a great experience choosing my dress with Mary’s help at The Wedding Room. She couldn’t have been more attentive and caring. I also found there are just too many options when it comes to suppliers for your wedding. So, when I found out Mary could also provide our flowers I was keen to select her as our creative florist.

What was your favourite plant in your bouquet?

I liked all the greenery and the unstructured nature of the bouquet. So, I’d probably say the eucalyptus as it worked perfectly with my wild flower theme.

Do you have any top tips on how to get the most out of your photographer?

We met up a couple of times before the wedding which helped build rapport. I think it helps to choose someone you like and can work with. Make sure you are honest about what you want and don’t want, they are so clever and can ensure they make your dream come to life.

Were you nervous the night before your wedding, if so, how did you overcome the nerves?

A little yes – particularly because at our church rehearsal the night before I had cried my way all through the vows and I was convinced I’d do the same on the day! We had a lot of family and friends over from Ireland and other places so we all met for a meal the night before which really helped distract me from the nerves.

How did you choose your suppliers?

We had 9 months from our engagement to the wedding day which automatically reduced the options for a lot of things, for example a lot of venues, photographers etc were already booked up. I was glad of this as I found there were far too many options. So, after availability I guess I looked at quality of product, value for money, and likeability of the supplier. Quality is key!

What is the best piece of advice you could offer another bride?

Remember this is about getting married and not just about a wedding. Whilst you want everything to go well on the day, it won’t matter if the ribbons on your favour boxes are one shade darker than the bridesmaid dresses! No-one will notice or remember!

What was your favourite moment of your wedding?

There are too many favourites to single out one but I was so chuffed that my dad, aged 83, was still able to walk me down the aisle. Magical moment!

What are you most looking forward too about married life?

Growing old together.



Photographer: Darren Cresswell Photography

Caterer: Thrumpton Hall

Wedding Cake: Glitter and Sparkle

Venue Stylist : The Wedding Room Flowers

Band/DJ: Singer – Steve McGill. DJ – Andy Monk

Bridesmaids attire – Dessy dress