Tania and Matt

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The bright blue sky, and striking snow-covered mountains set the perfect backdrop for young skiers, Tania and Matt who fell madly in love on their ski season in Whistler, Canada. Their romance has only since blossomed, epitomised when Tania’s every dream came true and her prince charming knelt-down in front of the striking, orange sunset on a rooftop in Marbella and asked for her hand in marriage. 7 years later, with her dusty pink rose bouquet in her hands, diamond engagement ring glistening, Matt watched in awe as his picturesque bride drifted elegantly down the aisle towards their future together. Matt wore a three-piece, dark grey, wool blended suit; he’d always known he would marry his dream woman in style. The bridesmaids looked flawless at this intimate wedding, wearing navy gowns with a variation of styles and shapes to individually suit the character and style of each bridesmaid. But it was Tania who excelled everyone’s expectation of beauty. In her La Sposa, St Patrick wedding gown, the bride looked effortlessly gorgeous.

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Did your wedding have a theme or colour scheme?

With handmade cushions and bunting, we followed through with a natural theme. The cake was decorated like mountains, we had home potted plants for the centre pieces, decorative wooden hearts and water jugs full of meadow flowers.

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How did you choose the style of your hair?

I searched the internet for images of natural hair styles of long hair that had been styled up. I knew I wanted to show of the back of my dress and didn’t want my hair to hide it once I had removed my veil.

How and why did you select your florist?

Our florist for the bouquets was my mother in law! She had a bit more spare time on her hands around the run up to the wedding and she offered to do it. She took lessons, practiced and communicated with me a lot about what I wanted. It was lovely, as it meant she was very involved with something. Matt’s parents live down south so it was great to have them as involved as they were.

Did you have a dress budget, and did you stick to it?

Yes and Yes! I purposefully disregarded any dressed that exceeded my budget – you have got to have a budget or the whole wedding can get out of control!

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Were you nervous the night before your wedding, if so, how did you overcome the nerves?

I didn’t have time to be nervous, to be honest. The two days before the wedding were filled with prepping the marquee and the club and by the time Friday night rolled around I barley even had time to wash my hair! My bridesmaids all popped over and dropped off their dresses so I was distracted chatting with them until late! It suddenly all hit me at the church!

What was your favourite moment of your wedding?

Walking to the reception from the church with Matt, behind all our guests, and having a breather and a moment alone.

If you could go back to the planning stage of your wedding, what would you do differently and why?

If I thought about it long and hard there were would probably be a few things that I would change but at the end of the day we both had the best day and it all went really well!

What is the best piece of advice you could offer another bride?

Enjoy the planning and try not to stress about it. It really does all come together at the last minute. Research and trust your suppliers. I found it really helpful that Matt was so involved with the planning of the wedding, it really helped in the long term and on the day it was our creation and suited us both perfectly. Have a plan, this helped me and the bridemaids be on time for the church and have a vague plan of how you want the day to proceed so the best man can prompt you both throughout the day…you’ll find you get lost in the moment and time whizzes by. Try to soak up as much of the day as possible as it goes by so quickly.

What are you most looking forward too about married life?

Spending more time with Matt, travelling, spending time with families and settling down a little.

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Photographer – Twig and Vine Photography

Caterer – Fiona Herbert Catering

Wedding Cake – Made by a close friend, Amy Close

Venue Stylist – Self designed

Band/DJ – The Hamiltones

Bridesmaids attire – ASOS and Marks and Spencers