Every little girl dreams of the magical moment she becomes a real-life princess for the entire day: her wedding day. From tiaras, to garters; princess skirts, to sparkling beads; every detail on a bride’s attire embodies her inner princess.

But finding the dream dress, isn’t always a walk in the park. When you’re planning for the perfect day, you want as easy a journey as possible. With the crucial element of time, the worry of faults and size changes, there’s a lot to consider and plan when it comes to saying ‘yes to the dress’. But never fear, we’re here to help! We’ve created the perfect wedding dress timeline and guide to support you on the search for the perfect wedding gown.


Step one.

1 year before your wedding date.

Set the budget for your gown. Ensure you set a realistic budget that you are happy with before you start the hunt for your gown. Never, we repeat, NEVER, try on a dress that’s over-budget. Falling in love with a gown that you can’t afford will only lead to heart break.

Do lots of research! Swap the newspaper for bridal magazines and turn off the 5 o’clock news because Pinterest, Wedding Blogs, and Facebook reviews are your new font of all knowledge.

Now, it’s time to brutal. Choosing your wedding dress shopping companions is tricky. We understand you love your future sister-in-law to pieces, but she’s just so opinionated and pushes her own style on you. You can’t afford to forget whose wedding day it is: yours, NOT HERS! So, recruit your most supportive, honest but understanding, friends and family to come with you.

Step two.

7 months before your wedding date.

Let’s go shopping!! Always make sure you book appointments to bridal stores in advance. Come with an open mind and big smile (and nude underwear). It doesn’t matter if you have an exact dress and designer in mind or absolutely no clue what style dress you want. The assistant’s will do everything in their power to find you the dream dress, whether it’s the first one you try on or the 100th, we are here and happy to help. When it comes to trying on wedding dresses, remember to take your time, push your comfort zone and even though you should listen to the advice of your party, confirm it’s your decision that’s final. Don’t rush into making any choices until you are 100% sure that you’ve found your ideal gown. If you want to take a night, a week or a month to figure it out and come back as many times as you need before saying yes to the dress, then wedding dress assistant’s will be more than happy to oblige, we pride ourselves on being understanding, compassionate and flexible. Ask your bridal gown party to take lots of photos and videos of you in your dress for those blue days you need cheering up, take a sneak peak at your gown and smile from ear to ear.

When you know, you know. That heart-racing, spine-tingling, goose-bump moment when you try on your perfect wedding dress is unforgettable. Whether you and your party cry with joy or jump up with glee, make sure you lock down this dream dress asap. When you buy your wedding dress, organise the best payment schedule for you, and the bridal store will adapt to fit your preference. WOOHOO, you have now bought the most beautiful dress you will ever wear.

Step 3.

7-2 months before your wedding date.

Generally, wedding dresses take 4/5 months from the initial order until they arrive in store. And when it does, where do you keep it? If you have a rather nosy hubby-to-be at home, maybe that’s not the safest bet if you’re planning to keep it a surprise. And if your parents have offered up their spare closest but it smells like damp, avoid that too! Luckily, the bridal store will keep your gown in their safe protection, covered by insurance, until the day before your wedding. Perfect!

Step 4.

2 months before your wedding date.

Fits like a glove! Grab the scissors and thread, because 2 months before your wedding date you must come back to the bridal store for alterations. Now is the time for alterations, sizing changes and any last-minute tweaks. The talent of the seamstress’s is astounding, from adding cap sleeves to mesh panels, the in-store seamstress will work her magic to finish the details on your perfect wedding gown. This is the final time you wear this gown as a non-married woman, how exciting!

Step 5.

The wedding date.

You’ve said yes to the man. You’ve said yes to the dress. Now say yes to the rest of your life spent with your prince charming whilst you wear your stunning princess wedding gown.