Every bridesmaid Is different, so showcase it!


When it comes to picking your besties bridesmaids dresses, there’s a lot of factors to consider, right? Well, the colour should match the wedding’s colour scheme. The fabric should coordinate with that of your wedding gown. Don’t forget to consider the look of the florals and their hair and the accessories. Plus, the style has to suit everyone. Then decide the length: short, tea-length, maxi. And of course the design of the top, Lord knows there’s so many varieties of sleeves and necklines! So, you have to love it and they all have to love it. What do you choose? It’s exhausting!!!! Breath.. okay, breath. There is a solution. We are here for you. Have you considered the new trend of different style necklines for each bridesmaids dress? Every bridesmaid is a different person, with her own personality and an individual taste and style. Therefore, if you choose the colour ensuring it coordinates with your wedding theme, and choose the fabric, then each bridesmaid can select a neckline of her choice! Ellie likes her collar bones to be on show so she opts for a sweetheart neckline, Georgie hates her arms so she selects a lace long sleeve dress, Jessie’s high, halter neck dress suits her long neck and Chloe’s favourite cap sleeves suit her style perfectly. SUCCESS! This way you can form a coherent look, following the same colours and fabrics whilst pleasing everyone’s individual taste. Now, we’ve solved the bridesmaids, how do we tackle the mother in laws outfit choice, yikes!