Jade and Sam

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It was the first day of term when Jade nervously carried boxes of clothes, fresh bedding and new pots and pans into her university halls bedroom. Meeting numerous new people and memorising names made her head spin, and exhausted, Jade collapsed on top of all her belongings that were piled on her new bed. After catching her breath she wandered outside her door and into the hall where her eyes met an equally nervous and exhausted boy outside the door opposite. “Fancy a sausage sarny?” he said coyly. It was love at first sight.


Nearly a decade later, the couple were dancing around their kitchen together, laughing about their ‘ready steady cook’ style date night. Jade, now 7 months pregnant scavenged through her chosen ingredients, selected by her boyfriend Sam. With mincemeat covered fingers and flour split down her apron, Jade spun around to find Sam down on one knee, grinning from ear to ear and holding a sparkling engagement ring. “Will you marry me?” Sam said. Jumping with glee Jade agreed to marry the man of her dreams and spend the rest of their life together.

In Burwash Manor, Cambridge, Sam and Jade tied the knot in front of 80 of their beloved friends and family. It was a magical day filled with joy, laughter and dancing!! Jade looked breath taking in her bespoke dress, hand designed by The Wedding Room to create a stunning lace overlay. With her hair in a shiny updo and no veil, the undeniable beauty and intricacy of this personalised dress was showcased perfectly. To match, Jade and Sam’s darling daughter wore a custom gown to mimic that of her mummy’s. Sam looked handsome in his Ted Baker, navy, slim fit suit topping off this picturesque family of 3. After a day celebrating the love of Sam and Jade Dinwiddy, the couple jetted of for a romantic honeymoon in Sri Lanka.


How did you choose your suppliers?

We decided to choose suppliers based on family and friends and people we know and trust well. All our suppliers were people we know, from the food to the flowers to the photographer.

How and why did you select your florist?

Our florist was our sister-in-law who runs ‘Whispers’ in Snippets with her sister. The floristry was very natural and beautiful. The florists were brilliant; they have a very natural talent for floral décor.


Do you have any top tips on how to get the most out of your photographer?

Luckily, our photographer was a friend of ours who I’ve worked with in industry before too. Its key to build a strong relationship with your wedding photographer before the big day. We organised a pre-wedding shoot which was great as it allowed us to envisage what style photos we wanted and make sure we had given the photographer a clear idea of how many we wanted. We also took the photographer to see the venue beforehand, this way he knew just where to take good pictures and all the best angles. This saved time and efficiency on the day.

Were you nervous the night before your wedding, if so, how did you overcome the nerves?

Yes, I was. My nerves were on edge and my temper was high. So, I actually got very cross at my then fiancé for something very silly!! Whoops! My bad, haha.


What was your favourite moment of your wedding?

Everything! I adored every moment and wouldn’t change a thing. But, having our little girl there with us, dancing and laughing, dressed in a stunning mini gown to match mine, simply meant the world to us, both.

If you could go back to the planning stage of your wedding, what would you do differently and why?

Nothing! I loved planning everything myself because it ensured every detail was personal and perfect in my eyes.

What is the best piece of advice you could offer another bride?

Just to enjoy every second of your wedding day as it’s over in a flash.

What are you most looking forward too about married life?

Having nothing left to plan of our wedding and just to relax and enjoy our little family together.



Venue – Burwash Manor, Cambridge

Photographer – Daniel Hughes

Caterer – Beth Marriot from Kiosk