Bridal Beauty Month


It’s June! Grab your sunhat, tanning oil and those extra, big sunglasses because summer is finally here! But wait, this means we’re half way through the year already?!? Hasn’t it flown by?? Especially when you’re planning your wedding, the time seems to disappear as there’s just so much to do. But never fear, The Wedding Room is here.

As our stunning dress range continues to grow and flourish, with gorgeous new designs from Lillian West and Christina Wu, The Wedding Room is excited for our beautiful summer brides to wear our gowns. But this month, not only can we help you find the wedding gown of your dreams, plus a veil and wedding shoes to complete the flawless look.. Now, we are here to help you decide on the ideal beauty appearance for your wedding day!

We’ve been researching and investigating, just for you guys and with our new-found bank of knowledge we will share with you, our lovely readers, all the tricks, advice, ideas and top-tips that we’ve uncovered! For the whole month of June, we have delved into the bridal beauty world to bring you industry professional insights to create your perfect beauty look.

Say “eye do” with flawless eye makeup as we explore the best smouldering look for you. Adele Coxon Makeup Artist is an amazingly talented industry professional, who gave her best advice to nail your eye makeup.



Adele Coxon Makeup Artist suggests; Rose gold with a smokey liner is this season’s most popular eye shadow.

TOP TIP – I think it looks fab when everyone has a coordinated look for eyeshadow, the photos will look really in sync.. However, it works equally as well if the bride chose a different colour whilst her bridesmaids are coordinated. This way the bride stands out whilst her gorgeous bridesmaids look perfectly harmonised.

REMEMBER – If you’re a summer bride, look for gold and neutral tones in your eyeshadow, this will really sparkle in the sunlight and make your eyes more prominent. If you’re a winter bride, consider darker eyeshadow and match it to your lipstick. This striking look will look outstanding with the dark winter skies.


Adele Coxon Makeup Artist loves doing eyebrow makeup, “I love a brow powder if you want the filled in look, a creamy brow gel can be good for creating brow hairs or I also offer micro-blading which many of my brides choose. This is a semi-permanent makeup technique which lasts a few years and saves time and money on your brows – wake up every morning with the perfect eyebrows, no hassle, no effort.


Adele Coxon Makeup Artist recommends, “Definitely false lashes!”

TOP TIP – The variation of false lash lengths and volume is unbelievable. You can choose a natural look to suit a subtle bride. Or go big. Go bold. Go for dramatic long lashes. Depending entirely on your eyes, face shape and personal preference, you can choose any lashes that you want and with super lash-glue, they’ll stay perfectly in place all day.


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