Bridal Beauty Month


Smize’ means to “Smilewith your eyes,” ascoinedby supermodel Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model. ‘Smizing’ brings your face to life and showcases your emotions through your eyes. The perfect wedding photo will be highlighted by a beautiful bride’s smize. It’s simple, step 1: relax. (this might be easier said than done) Step 2: choose a focus point, then step 3 is to laugh – think about a moment from your hilarious hen night. Step 4 is to tilt down your chin very slightly before step 5, which is preparing your eyes: so, squint them slightly and raise your brows very faintly. Look confident and happy. The perfect smize is accompanied by an elusive and playful manner. And BAM SMIZE. Tyra will definitely be calling you up to the catwalk when she sees your stunning wedding photos.

To help emphasise and accentuate this perfect smize.. Eye makeup! To continue from our first eye makeup blog on Friday, we recruited top makeup artist Jenni, whose talent has designed the makeup for 100’s of Brides across the UK and is now known as one of the UK’s leading Makeup Artists. Makeup By Jenni, is a trusted, fantastically talented artist who we recommend with complete confidence to our beautiful brides. When it comes to eye makeup, Jenni has all the top tips and ideas to make your peepers pop!!


So, Jenni, what is this season’s most popular eyeshadow colour?

Most definitely rose gold, gold, bronze. LOVE!

Should the bride and her bridesmaids wear the same colour eyeshadow?

Everyone should wear different eyeshadow depending on their skin and eye colour.

Keep it all coordinated but along the same colour palette.

Should bridal eye makeup differentiate between winter and summer?

It completely depends on the Brides requirements but I think you can really carry off some extra bold eyes, shimmer and glitter in the winter.

What is your best advice for eye lashes?

False eye lashes. So many different looks and styles can be achieved through false lashes.

Eye brows – so much to debate!! Bushy and free, trimmed and thin, filled and lined.. What’s your best advice for a bride?

I’m a big fan of Bobbi Browns Brow palettes and Benefit Browzings.


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