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Well, another day, another dress, another dazzling hair do. We can’t get enough of these hairdressing professionals with their never-ending supply of hair advice and knowledge. Our last post was based on the interview we conducted with L.H. Professional Hair. It was a total hit. The comments and love we received were so amazing that we thought we better give you some more top tips from the Queen of hairstyles, Laura, from L.H. Professional Hair.

This week we pestered lovely Laura, all about the best hair products and equipment she uses to create a professional look. We spoke to her about the ideal bridal hair style depending on the form and design of the wedding dress and Laura gave us a really detailed account of her valuable opinion.


What’s your go to hair product for long lasting shine?

For finer hair, I adore Wella EIMI shimmer delight spray. It adds a beautiful shine to hair and the light mist will not weigh down your style. As a good all round product I would use Wella reflections oil or L’oréal Mythic oil, both smell incredible and add mirror like shine to your hair, they are easy to style with and don’t leave your style feeling or looking oily.

What hair spray or hold would you recommend for a bride to keep her do in all day?

My go to hair spray is Dynamic fix by Wella for an up do. It has a really strong flexible hold and allows you to style the hair while setting. It has a nice smell, doesn’t give off strong fumes and leaves no residue. For looser hair down styles I like L’oréal Infinium soft, it gives a gentle hold and helps protect against the effects of humidity.

For each style of wedding dress what hair style would you recommend?

1. Low V neck

For this style I like hair all down or partially down, centre partings and loose Hollywood waves work well, drawing attention to the face and down the neck line.

2. Embellished high neck

It must be hair up. You don’t want to hide all that gorgeous detail. Vintage inspired styles work well but keep your hair soft and natural with an off-centre parting and few tendrils to ensure the look doesn’t become too stiff or structured.


3. Sweetheart neck line – strapless

I like to go classic with this shape. A softly structured chignon or bun worn high or low is the perfect princess look and creates beautiful lines and elegant length by showing off your neck and shoulders.

4. Spaghetti straps

Spaghetti straps say comfort and simplicity to me. Up or down works well, Loose bo ho braids and undone up dos, a big chunky fishtail plait over the shoulder or beach waves for mid length hair.

For ladies with long, thick hair how would you suggest styling it on their wedding day?

Long thick hair can be a dream to work with as there are so many options, up or down works well but that’s ate pros and cons. Down looks stunning and shows off that gorgeous length but styles such as curls, often don’t last as the weight of your hair can pull the style out, and for a summer wedding it can get very hot under there. You would need to make sure you set your hair and use a good spray to ensure a better hold and to protect against humidity. For these reasons, maybe an up do would be better, the only issue here could be the weight of your hair and making sure it’s properly secured without being uncomfortable. Be sure to tell your stylist if your hair feels too tight or heavy as you will be wearing it like that all day. Depending on your chosen style, if your hair is extremely thick it may be worth considering having it thinned out a little by a professional a few weeks before the big day.

For Ladies with thin, shoulder length hair, how would you suggest styling it?


Any way you like. finer hair works well being blow dried we to add volume and soft waves or curls add texture and the illusion of thickness, but now extensions are fantastic for allowing finer and shorter hair brides have exactly what they want. I prefer Clip in extensions as they are less damaging and i recommend only using small amounts of added hair so your style still looks natural and as if it’s your own. If a bride struggles with having sparse or low density hair near the roots, this can be a problem as the scalp can often show through and name hair appear even finer, a good hack for this is to buy some coloured dry shampoo to match your shade. Once applied at the root area it can cover these patches and give the illusion of more hair.

What are your go to hair equipment’s? e.g. straighteners, curlers

A good put up brush with natural bristles, this helps smooth hair and add shine. GHD styling irons for smoothing and curling, my Giant barrel rings for volume and soft waves and hair clips-hundreds of them to make it easier to work (Make-up artists will often borrow a few on the day as well to keep hair off faces while they are working)

What are your favourite hair accessories for a bride on her wedding day?

Choose an accessory that works well with your style. I am a big fan of bespoke accessories and actually create my own for brides, including hair vines, combs and pins made from flexible silver or gold wire. I think having flexibility in an accessory is so important as a lot of shop bought pieces don’t fit the head properly, they can look as if they stick out from a style rather than being a part of it. My absolute favourites thing to work with is fresh flowers. They smell amazing and look amazing. They are so easy to work with and you can be subtle or bold with the look and match them in with your colour scheme.

So when it comes to booking your hairdresser for the big day, contact Laura from L.H.Professional for amazing designs and styles from a friendly and trustworthy hairdresser.Phone - 07718174481mail

So when it comes to booking your hairdresser for the big day, contact Laura from L.H.Professional for amazing designs and styles from a friendly and trustworthy hairdresser.

Phone – 07718174481