This week we chat to another local supplier, Cyrilyn from Cyrilyn Silver. Her workshop is located a short walk from The Wedding Room.

Hello Cyrilyn, thank you for joining us and taking part in this ‘getting to know you’ chat. Can you tell us , when did you first fall in love with making jewellery?

I’ve ALWAYS loved the idea of making jewellery but it wasn’t until my youngest started school that I bit the bullet and retrained as a metalsmith.

How long have you been a making jewellery?

5 years – I’m a Teacher by profession (which is why I love teaching what I’m most passionate about).

Tell us more about your style?

I absolutely love raw and organic looking jewellery although I do make mostly custom pieces, so I often end up making things that aren’t the style I’d choose.


Do you have a jewellery maker crush?

August Los Angeles – their pieces make me drool.

Where can couples see your images?

I have an Instagram page, a Facebook page, Pinterest and Google and my website

What is the best way for couples get in touch with you?

Send me a DM or Give me a call if you’d like to chat. I always love the opportunity to talk to couple. I think if we are going to have the opportunity to work together, it’s great to connect personally, as early as possible.

Explain your process of engaging with your clients ?

Ok, so in the current climate, I’m offering facetime/zoom calls to make it easier for couples to check out this idea and see if it’s for them. This is usually great for getting the ball rolling and answering any questions they may have. I like to talk couples through the idea of making their own/ each other’s wedding rings and help them to understand that the process is for complete beginners and you don’t HAVE to be creative (a common misconception).


OK let’s talk about engagement rings – it is engagement season after all.

Do you get approached by people to make a ring in secret or do couples come together for engagement ring making?

How romantic! Everyone has different approach when it comes to popping the question and engagement. Ive done everything from the full blown secretive diamond engagement ring making, to helping someone create their own engagement ring shank (with a view to stone setting after the proposal). I wouldn’t offer a ‘make your own engagement ring’ service, because most engagement rings include stones, and stone setting isn’t something you can master in a day. Some people come and create their own ring shank (like a plain ring) for the proposal and then look at commissioning me to add the stones at a later date. I had one client who made his fiancé’s engagement ring with some raw diamonds, but he had previously attended several of my classes.

Tell us if each ring is individually made for each bride or do you have rings for people to choose from?

Most of my rings are made to order. Although I spend lots of time teaching people how to make their own wedding rings, there’s always the opportunity to commission me to make your rings for you. I do realise that the workshop idea isn’t for everyone and I absolutely love it when I get the chance to create beautiful rings for people.

How does the process work for couples wanting to make their own engagement ring and how long does it take?

To create an engagement ring takes a good amount of planning and time. I usually try to get an impression of the kind of style my client likes by looking at some photos together and gauging if it’s something they would like or not. I quickly build up a picture of what they would love and work design ideas out from there. Depending on budget and metal choices/stone choices, the overall cost can range massively. Having an idea of budget would help me to know which metals are affordable. You need to allow a month as a guide to get a bespoke piece made. If you have sentimental old jewellery, its possible to melt this down and use it to create your new ring.

Do you look at wedding ring options too to complement engagement rings?

Yes – I can make wedding rings to complement the engagement ring. Or the couple might choose to come for a day workshop with me where I would offer step-by-step tuition on ring making. With no experience and no ‘creative skills’ you can totally learn to make a ring and do an excellent job of making a beautiful ring for yourself or your loved one. Its super romantic and your rings become a lovey part of your journey together and hold precious memories.

Do you take on commissions for engagement rings?

Yes – 100%

Can you resize and rework an old piece of jewellery, a family piece passed down for example?

Definitely yes. Although couples might need to know that the time it takes to melt down old pieces to create a new wire is longer. Because the process is longer, it might not cost an enormous amount less but would certainly hold greater sentimental value.

Do you only work with silver ?

I like to use all precious metals in my creations. I personally love silver (hence the name) but I love working with golds (all varieties) and platinum too. Historically, people have felt that wedding rings must be gold due to its higher value. I personally meet so many people who just prefer silver – so I say follow your heart on this. Eco silver and gold are also great options if you are conscious of your environmental impact.

Do your couples choose something a bit different if they are making the ring themselves?

Most people who choose to create their own rings do so because they love the meaningful process involved. It is possible to make something super shiny and neat, but most of my clients prefer the hammered/textured finish or something a bit unique. My job is to help people to create something they will love and be proud of, whatever style that might be.


Ok, now for the fun stuff. Favourite Season?

Summer! I am not a winter person. I love the sunshine and all things summer. The clothes, the bbq’s, the twinkly fairy lights when you dine alfresco in the long evenings.

Netflix recommendation?

Down to Earth with Zac Efron. I found this really eye opening and I just enjoyed watching something factual for a change.

What are you having for tea tonight?

Roasted Veg with Cous-Cous – you caught me on a healthy eve!

If you were not a photographer what would you like to do? I would honestly not want to do anything else – I love my job.

Favourite item of clothing and why?

Ive got a really bright and wacky jumper that I really love because Ive never seen anything else like it… ever.

City or Country?

I grew up in a little welsh countryside village. I love living in Nottingham but I do wish I had a nicer view! 🙂

It was lovely to chat to Cyrilyn. To check out her work or to get in touch please click on the links.

Thank you for reading x