We cannot express just how lovely it is to be able to buy new collections just like we used to, pre covid.

In June we visited Lillian West to choose the next seasons dresses. As usual we were spoilt for choice with a beautifully well designed and made mix of boho chic and romantic classic dresses that we know our brides will love.

We arrived and were greeted by Derek our account manager who tells us a little bit about the new collection and general chat about his holiday. We then get our hands on the brand new designs and get to talk to Tony, one of the Justin Alexander designers. He is responsible for some of our very favourites we have at The Wedding Room.

We make a short list of potentials and take our seat for the fashion show.

After lunch and a very ‘serious’ conversation, we have chosen the dresses we love and place our order with Derek.

Hurrah ! The work is done and we reward ourselves with an ice cream and head home.

Thank you for having us Lillian West.