We find that the option to get married abroad is becoming more and more popular with our brides at The Wedding Room. The idea of a more intimate wedding, guaranteed sunshine and a romantic destination just seems wonderful, and it means that you are not limited to getting married in the summer, which of course is an added bonus!

We've researched into some beautiful location ideas, to inspire your colour schemes and decorations.

We think a must have for a beach wedding is using draped fabric as part of your decorations. It helps to create a very whimsical and relaxed atmosphere and we love the use of blue as it brings out the blue of the sea background, creating a perfect ambiance and colour balance in photographs.

Your choice of lighting for when the evening arrives is crucial. It is so important for creating the right mood and keeping the feeling of romance. Using either fairy lights or different types of lanterns (hanging or on the ground) works perfectly to dimly light the location and to add a little sparkle.

We found some fabulous examples of colour schemes you could use for your beach wedding.

We found that using this neutral colour palette is the perfect way to bring together all the colours of a beach location. The colours work perfectly for the bride and groom and easily translate into bridesmaid dresses, cake ideas and detailing. We found some beautiful examples to show you and to inspire you for your own wedding.

To finish off the this picturesque blog I found a beautiful way for the bride to complete her beach look. No one wants sand in their shoes on their wedding day so why not have sole less sandals. Your feet still look beautiful, elegant, girly and sparkly but without the hassle of actual shoes. We found some beautiful styles that are shown below. Some of which are handmade on Etsy from as little as £10! They are such amazing value and just perfect for a beach wedding! Happy Shopping Beautiful Brides!