Now I don’t mean the edible kind here – the topic today is your crowning glory. Unfortunately we are not all lucky enough to have Kate Middleton’s hair or hairdresser for that matter! So it is a good idea to start thinking about this soon after you get engaged, as it can take quite a few months to get the length, colour and condition you want to help you feel like a gorgeous, million dollar bride.

Hair can take lots of effort and time if you don’t have luscious long locks. Can you imagine what it would be like to be Lady Gaga with access to those stunning wigs! I often use a Ken Paves extension to give bulk to my ponytail and everyone is always shocked when I say its false as it looks so realistic and polished! Don’t discount subtle hair pieces and extensions, if that would fit with your wedding gown.

The challenge is to think hair up or down, a bit of both or a trendy shorter cut to complement your face shape. What if you add a veil? How will that sit over your hair? Do you love the Mad Men 50s/60s tea dresses and prom style skirts with lace in abundance? So then should you have a pristine sleeked back, pinned style like this to go with the era? Mary sees many brides-to-be so can often advise whether a veil would work or what hairstyle to try with your hairdresser.

To help simplify your hair style choice, if you find a fabulous hair clip, have flowers in your hair or decide on a beautiful vintage veil, then the hairstyle should not compete with the accessories. The challenge is to complement your gown as you can see here with Kate Moss. Hope this gives you some food for thought; I think that ultimately wedding hair is all about trying new things but not straying too far from what you are comfortable with. Do you agree?

Katrina x

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