Something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new is a tradition that brides have been following for years! Not to every bodies taste but our bride Liz took the meaning to a whole new level!
Using her mum’s gorgeous vintage headband from her own wedding in 1970 Liz wanted to incorporate this into her own wedding bouquet. Very excited at The Wedding Room we got to work!

We’re such huge fans of the 1970’s theme. If you’re looking for a bohemian influence for your wedding seek out great sources such as the Style me Vintage books which have great tips and advice for achieving gorgeous vintage looks from the Edwardian era upwards!

Next stage of the process was taking the pretty flowers apart from the headband and wiring to ensure they’d be stable and secure in our bouquet. Everything had been so well preserved we were over the moon!

If you’re loving this look ask around your mum, grandma and aunties to see what they have hiding in their lofts and wardrobes. You’ll be suprised what people keep!

The finished version of Liz’ bouquet was simply stunning. Using a variety of roses in creams and pinks the white flowers from the headband stood out beautifully, especially with their pearl detail that caught the light at every angle.

We love a unique touch and are here to help ideas become reality, thanks to Liz for giving us such a great time creating this amazing arrangement!

Comment below your thoughts about this, did you do anything similar on your wedding day or would you like to?