A handbag may not be an automatic thought for a B2B but I think it’s a really important thing to have – where else will you put your lipstick and tissues? Even if you don’t carry it, you can give it to your bridesmaid – the only time you’ll get a friend to carry your handbag all day I think!
brides hand bag

For the bride, it’s a great excuse to have something frivolous. Even if your colours and theme are more formal, you can go a bit mad – what do you think of this choice?

I totally love this one though! Pearls are so wedding classic and timeless and yet this has a vintage feel……….

I had a silver feather covered clutch with a diamante clasp – very 1920s. You don’t have to spend loads though to get a good look – this was a cheap one from Barratts in the £20 range, that still looks expensive and retro 60s

Or what about hiring a real designer number? Handbagsbydesigners is a good website to try. A great idea for the glamorous B2B who is budget conscious. You’ll pay £22.50 for 2 days hire for this Jimmy Choo clutch.

My mother-in-law gave me a vintage crocodile clutch recently. So maybe you could borrow a fabulous antique looking handbag from a friend? Ask around – you’d be surprised at what people have stashed in their wardrobes!

Don’t forget charity shops, the high street, Etsy or somewhere like TKMaxx for a quirky look.

Until next time, Katrina x

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