When planning your wedding flowers its easy to over look details as you’re concentrating on the bigger picture. What flowers are in season, what colours will work and the costs are all huge aspects to consider but try not to forget the little details as these bring everything together on your day.
The containers of your flowers are probably something you haven’t given a lot of thought to but they are incredibly important to finishing off the overall look of your arrangement.

We made a small bouquet of summer flower; peonies, hydrangea and roses and experimented with it’s different looks in a range of containers.

The first container is a slight spin on a classic gold fish bowl, instead of clear glass ours is black and although you cant see through the glass (which is usually a key attraction in a goldfish bowl) the black bowl reflects candles and mirror bases beautifully giving so many dimensions and would make perfect centre pieces. This is perfect for a ‘vintage meets modern’ theme an if you’re looking to keep the main focus on the flowers.

Container number two is a classic silver urn, great for giving flowers some height. Arrangements like these would be perfect dotted around a church for your ceremony, to then be reused as centre pieces for your meal later, very cost effective! Urn’s compliment any theme but make this look your own by adding table decorations that reflect you and your hubby to be.

The third container is a mirror box, simple and pretty your mirror box with carry off anything you throw at it. Throw together with tea lights and scattered crystals to make dramatic budget friendly centre pieces or pop this little beauty next to your cake for perfect pictures.

Amazing what the details can do isn’t it?

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