Having worked in the Wedding industry for the last seven years building up the Nobility brand, I found myself having similar conversations with many of the couples I met. The general gist of these chats revolved around the pressure of time and all the effort that is spent planning a wedding. On a number of occasions couples would say…..’If only there was somewhere that had more than one service under one roof’. That’s when I had one of these:

My light bulb moment. Why not create an area offering this to couples who were squeezed for time!!

The Wedding Room!!

Let the planning begin. What services would I offer, which suppliers to stock, where should it be, how would I make it appealing etc the list goes on and on. There was lots of research and head scratching but finally in September 2011 this happened!!

Over the next 4 months the rate of change was so speedy and I had a lot of decisions to make, thank goodness the wedding season was coming to an end so I could focus on my new project. The diggers moved in…….

and in no time at all the signs were going up!!!

It’s so exciting to see it all taking shape. That’s the outside taken care of, just the million decisions about the inside now.