A fabulous trend that has emerged recently is the Brooch Bouquet.

Here at The Wedding Room we've found some beautiful examples of different ways to create or design your own unique bouquet.

Although at The Wedding Room we offer a fresh flower service for your Big Day we do love that you can keep these bouquets forever.

Below is a truly vintage example of these brooch bouquets. Using brooches for the whole of the bouquet can work with any dress you choose but we think it is a great way to compliment a vintage 1950s T Length dress, to create a true vintage look and style for your wedding.

A less vintage style of these bouquets is using fabric to create flowers to compliment some brooches in the bouquet. Like the other bouquet this style can also be kept forever but has a slightly softer style and finish to it, which may compliment the fabrics of your dress better.

Why not make you bouquet really personal to you. The bouquet below uses a lighter chiffon fabric for the flowers which creates softer and more fluid flowers which are more reminiscent of fresh flowers. What we love at The Wedding Room is how really personal brooches have been added such as a netball badge from school. This helps to make your brooch bouquet even more personal and individual.

An alternative to having fabric flowers with your brooches is to actually combine fresh flowers and brooches. It allows an element of individuality to be added to your bouquet yet you don't miss out on having fresh flowers. Although these bouquets wouldn't last forever, don't let that put you off as they can make the fresh flowers really sparkle and compliment your dress as shown in the photograph below.

Why not go completely different and use buttons to make your bouquet. A very girly and cute style, it is unique and again like using brooches, these bouquets last forever as well. A beautiful touch that we love is using lace around the stems/ handle of the bouquet.

A brooch bouquet does not only have to be for the bride. Why not have all your bridesmaids with similar ones to yourself. Below shows how they work perfect for all age bridesmaids and they can be easier for little ones as they are harder to damage and ruin compared to fresh flower bouquets.

Make sure you continue this vintage and handmade element across all areas of the wedding. Your groom must have a buttonhole that matches your bouquet style. Below are some different examples of how to have them, we love the added touch of a little note attached. Very sweet and quirky!!

Finally, to complete your look as a bride feel free to have you and your bridesmaids hair accessories match the bouquets. Having vintage hair slides can really compliment your bouquets and create a unique style on your Big Day.

Good luck designing and creating (if you're feeling adventurous) your perfect bouquet. Here at The Wedding Room we recommend Maggie Rose Bouquets. They are made by Karen and Laura Fox and are simply fabulous. Here is a link to their website http://maggierosebouquets.webs.com/ so make sure who go and check out their amazing designs!