Finding the right look so it’s still you
Wedding makeup can be tricky – today I want to show some inspirational photos to give you ideas to practice. Many B2Bs engage a makeup artist and if you can afford it, this is probably the best way to ensure you look great for your photos. If you are a reluctant makeup user, then this is a good way of trying a look beforehand and then you will feel comfortable with it. However if you use makeup regularly, then do a bit of research and practice, you can do it yourself and save money for other stuff.

I did not have a makeup artist and with practice looked OK on my big day I think!! So my key advice is – have a good massaging facial about a week before the big day. I had a Clarins facial and it left my skin glowing. I also used Clarins Beauty Flash Balm as my base under foundation – it really makes your face luminous. Today, there are some great primers around which also give a lovely glow. Try Bareessentuals, LauraMercier or Smashbox for good quality products. At the very least, use a facial exfoliator a few days before on face and decollete to help your skin glow.

If you are going for a vintage look then retro makeup will finish off your look to a tee. Bright red lipstick or very dramatic eyes look great in your photos.

Look on outube for great instruction video clips for wedding makeup, to help with the practice. I also think Sali Hughes, beauty columnist at The Guardian has great, very short video clips on all sorts of makeup looks and beauty products. Take a look – I was hooked!

If you are uncomfortable with makeup, I would really recommend that you give it a go before your wedding day. I used Revlon eye shadows as they have natural colours with good staying power. I had a friend who never wore makeup and we persuaded her to have her eyebrows waxed for the first time and to this day, she says she is really relieved that she did, as this alone can really help to give a polished look in your photos. So if you do nothing else, get them waxed or threaded (waxing is less painful as its quicker!). Also try a tinted moisturiser – you don’t want a washed out look.

What about going into a department store – take your best friend for moral support – and get a free makeup done. Yes, they will try to sell you all the products, but a polite “I’ll think about it” will be fine. Then you can go home and see if you really do like it , plus see what it’s like a few hours later for staying power. So find your natural look and feel comfortable with how you look to others and your groom!

Cheers for now,

Katrina x

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