This year's bridal wear shows off a beautiful variation in necklines.

A classic and elegant trend is the illusion neckline. Here at The Wedding Room we have a fabulous collection of illusion neckline dresses. Featured above is Vienna one of our LM by Lucan Mandongus dresses. Vienna features an embroidered illusion neckline over a sweetheart bodice.

Styled with elegant long gloves a truly vintage yet chic look is created.

Here at The Wedding Room we simply love this neckline as it gives the bride some coverage yet is not a block area of fabric, creating the perfect balance of femininity and elegance.

A second neckline trend is a high neck with a plunging low back. Above is 2 dresses we stock at The Wedding Room. Both LM dresses, Paris and Madrid have variations of a low back. Paris on the left offers a more whimsical style, but both dresses offer the perfect opportunity to add a back necklace to create a beautiful and elegant look on your wedding day. Here are some examples below of different styles. We stock various styles and can have pieces custom made for you by Jewelia, a jewellery designer we stock and work closely with, to create pieces that are perfect and unique to compliment your wedding dress.

Both back necklaces and plunging low backs have also been seen everywhere on the Red Carpet. Especially recently at the Golden Globe Awards, which is featured below. Style Icon Ashley Olsen also shows of a beautiful plunging back complimented with a darker back necklace.

Our final trend for necklines is the sexy and elegant plunging front neckline. This trend isn't for every bride, as not every bride will want a large cleavage area on show, but it is a high fashion style, shown clearly below with so many A listers and celebrities wearing this style of dress. Above one of our LM dresses, Monaco is featured. Monaco shoes of a low plunging neckline that has been popular with our brides as it is extremely elegant but not necessarily a traditional style silhouette as it offers a more relaxed and whimsical look.