Here at The Wedding Room we love a veil. Your wedding day is the only occasion in which you can wear one and completely combines tradition with some modernity of new wedding dress designs. We always say there is never a veil that is too much for us! This image below just epitomises how amazing and fabulous veils are! Also a great way to have a fun photograph with all the bridesmaids!

Our main stockist for veils is Rainbow Club, in which we have around 10 different styles that work perfectly with our dresses, so feel free to come and try some on. Even if you didn't buy your wedding dress from us don't let that put you off from coming and finding the perfect veil and accessories in our shop.

Below are some of the veils we stock, which vary completely in length and have different features such as lace, Swarovski crystals and embellishment.

The styling of these Rainbow club veils in their campaign is quite traditional and virginal and therefore it's important to consider how each veil will look completely different with your own dress and styling.

Some examples below are how traditional looking veils can be made extremely glamorous and fashionable.

Often we find that brides think the veil also has to go over your face. This is certainly not the case with most of our veils as most of them are not double tiered so they do not function like that. Also the veil doesn't have to sit on top of your hair, as featured above in the photographs, the veil also sits perfectly below your hair and looks especially beautiful with the hair curled into a big bun.

We love this diagram to show all the different types of veils. So now there is no excuse as to why you can't find and choose a length, design and shape that suits you and you dress perfectly.

If you are not sure about having a veil, then don't miss out on having a head piece. For example, this beautiful birdcage below acts almost like a tiny veil and is a beautiful feature to add to the styling of your wedding day. Here at The Wedding Room we have loads of birdcages and head pieces for you to come and try on!