Bridal Hair Month

Charlotte Wesson


It’s week one of our bridal hair month and after the success of June’s beauty month, we are so excited! Every week we will share with you, our beautiful readers, a professional hair stylists top tips, advice, ideas and photos to make sure you say “I do” with the perfect hair do!

Up first is the immensely talented Charlotte Wesson, who runs her mobile hair salon covering Lincolnshire – Leicestershire – Nottinghamshire and Rutland. This genius business removes the bridal party stress of traveling to and from the hair dressers, hiding from the wind and avoiding any physical contact in hopes to hold the perfect hairstyle. Coming straight to your chosen location, Charlotte will transform your hair in to designs and styles you didn’t think possible. From beehive updos to lose beach curls, poker straight ponytails to half up masterpieces; Charlotte can capture any look for a bride and her bridesmaids. During this interview, Charlotte gave us all her hair-dream advice and ideas to help give you guys decide what hairstyle is right for you on your wedding day.


 “Hi, I’m Charlotte and I’ve been in the wedding industry for many years and totally thrive on being creative. It’s a great job to be in Charlotte Wesson”

What is this season’s most popular bridal hair colour?

Blonde is always popular in the summer months with a big copper red/ginger influence at the moment.


Would you recommend a bride to dye her hair before her wedding day?

Only a simple tidy up, nothing drastic.

Pre-Wedding date, what hair care routine would you recommend leading up to the bride’s big day?

2 weeks before the big day, continue having a regular trim with colour touch-ups but dont change the colour of your hair just before the wedding!

The night before her wedding day, what hair care routine would you recommend for our brides?

Simply wash your hair and blow-dry it, make sure you don’t straighten with straighteners. It’s easier to style natural hair and you’ll have a gorgeous natural shine once the hair is styled.


What go-too products do you recommend for long lasting hold and shine for the bridal party to ensure their hair looks flawless all day?

The TIGI Catwalk hairspray will provide long lasting hold. TIGI range is brilliant for shine and adaptable to a variety of hair types.

What are your favourite hair accessories for bride for her wedding day?

Depends on hair style and the wedding theme. My favourite style right now is probably the addition of fresh flowers. It adds an ethereal and fresh vibe that can coordinate perfectly with the bouquets and décor of the wedding. But remember, less is more when it comes to accessories. It’s hair not a Christmas tree!

For different wedding gown styles Charlotte described the ideal hair do.


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