Bridal Hair Month

L.H. Professional Hair

Good morning lovely readers. Welcome to our second week of Bridal Hair Month. We are loving all your interactions, posts and comments.

This week we are treating you to an insight from L.H. Professional Hair, whose bespoke salon service comes straight to your door to deliver amazing hair creations to you from the comfort of your home. Laura is at your service to deliver complimentary consultations to help you decide on your dream do to say I do!


With professional products, extensive knowledge, an array of techniques and designs plus aftercare advice, L.H. Professional can make your dream wedding hair come to life. Here, at The Wedding Room, we will do everything in our power to find your dream wedding dress and when it comes to the finishing touches and overall bride’s look, we want to ensure you love everything from head to toe. To make sure you walk down the aisle as your best self, we only recommend suppliers of hair and beauty who we love and trust. L.H. Professional offers a truly talented, helpful and professional service.

So, here you go hunnys! Have a read of Laura’s top tips, advice and knowledge all about achieving the perfect hair do for your wedding day and this seasons hot heads!

What is this season’s most popular bridal hair colour?

Natural shades are very popular at the moment, enhancing your colour with subtle high and lowlights to add depth and movement to your bridal style.

Would you recommend a bride to dye her hair before her wedding day?

Only a simple tidy up, nothing drastic.

If a bridesmaid has a shade of hair colour that the bride isn’t so keen on, what advice would you give for the bride to approach this situation?

Always be open and truthful with your bridesmaids, after all it’s your big day and you wouldn’t want to regret not saying anything. Have a word with your hairdresser and see if a temporary hair colour could be used to change your bridesmaid’s hair just for the wedding.

What seasonal hair colours work best? Darker or lighter in winter? Highlights or lowlights in summer?

Most of us opt for lighter shades in the summer and darker in the winter. This tends to work with things like our choice of clothing for the different seasons. It’s important to choose a shade that works for you as an individual, suits your skin tone, personality and style, and add complimentary tones to change it up through the year.

Pre-Wedding date, what hair care routine would you recommend leading up to the bride’s big day?

I would recommend sticking with what works for you. Changing from your regular products and routine can affect the condition of your hair and scalp. If you’re having any specific problems then ask your hairdresser for some recommendations, otherwise, I recommend a trim to keep split ends at bay and possibly a nice conditioning treatment a week or so before to add shine and make sure your hair feels and looks super healthy before your big day.

The night before her wedding day, what hair care routine would you recommend for our brides?

I recommend keeping to your regular routine. Many stylists prefer to work with hair that is unwashed but if you like to wash your hair every morning or evening you should do so, this time is all about being comfortable and stress free. Keep your hair natural and product free and if it’s very long you could loosely plait it to keep it from tangling. Most of all enjoy the evening before and get a good night’s sleep!



If you or a loved one is looking for the perfect bridal hairstyle for the big day, contact the lovely Laura for her details and ideas.

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