Bridal Beauty Month


“Your skin is glowing!?” – best compliment ever. A compliment we all love to hear, never get sick of hearing and feel great when we do hear it. But it’s not easy to maintain perfect skin all the time. Our skin never gets to take a break: we wear it day in and day out, pile makeup on top of it and expose it to the elements. Skin is the first line of defence for our bodies – we appreciate our skin and now we need to love our skin. The best skincare regimes have been trailed, tested, debated and altered for years so we have decided to investigate further and speak to industry professionals about the top skin care hacks to make you glow on your wedding day.

Adele Coxon Makeup Artist offers award winning professional make-up artist & hair stylist. Each look she creates is specific to you and your personal requirements, creating amazing looks to bring to life your dream. Using the finest makeup & skincare products ensures Adele’s happy customers look flawless all day long.


Do you have any top tips and advice for pre-wedding flawless skincare? How long before the big day should brides be prepping their skin? Please describe the products you would recommend!!

Ideally skincare pre-should be at least 6 months before the big day. I recommend cleanse tone & moisturise daily (no face wipes!) with 1-2 weekly exfoliations & targeted facemasks to work on your concerns. Eye cream is also a good idea Charlotte Tilbury’s is brilliant! Monthly professional facials will also help keep skin clear & fresh in the lead up to the big day. I highly recommend dermaplanning which scrapes away all the dead top layer of skin revealing the fresh skin underneath & helping your facial products work deeper & better for you.

he night before the wedding!! What skin care routine would you recommend?

The night before it is a great idea to exfoliate the face, have a good moisturiser to apply after to really hydrate the skin. If there’s time a facemask will do wonders too! I recommend the Clinicare range as these masks are instant rejuvenation.


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