Bridal Beauty Month


Your wedding date is looming and you’ve prepared for everything. Preparation is key. You’ve planned your dress, you’ve prepared the seating plan, you’ve prepped your speeches and organised the running of the day. Youre pretty much prepared out!!!! So now, the final preparations are in motion and it’s time to focus on you. Put your best face forward and prepare the ultimate skin care regime.

Jenni from Makeup By Jenni, proves a never ending source of advice as she recommends the best skin-care pre for pre-wedding day! Jenni’s experience in applying makeup for all ethnicities, from natural makeup to glamorous looks and everything in between. Each look Jenni creates is bespoke to you and your requirements using only the best makeup and skincare products from professional and premium brands. Makeup by Jenni fabricates a relaxed and special feel for their customers on the wedding morning by providing an exclusive service, staying until the bride and her party are completely ready. So, how does Jenni tell her brides to prep?


The night before the wedding!! What skin care routine would you recommend?

Nothing too abrasive. Take all your makeup off! Use a really good serum and overnight hydrating moisturiser to make your skin feel fresh and look rejuvenated or alternatively, use a mattifying product for those brides with oily skin.

Do you have any top tips and advice for pre-wedding flawless skincare? How long before the big day should brides be prepping their skin?

Prep your skin for 2-3 months prior to your wedding day. Tailored skincare. Exfoliate twice weekly. And use weekly face masks – I point my clients in the direction they need for products but I’m a big fan of Kiehls, Bobbi Brown and Glamglow.


Taking these top tips in to account are crucial for brides to prep before their special day. So, if you or a loved one are getting married soon contact Jenni and her brilliant team to recruit their skills and talent.


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