Bridal Beauty Month


Looking for the perfect lipstick look on your special day? The perfect lipstick look will resonate in your wedding photos, frame your never-stopping smile and be planted on your husband-to-be when you say I do! It’s so important to have the perfect shade, coverage, liner and shine on your lips that works flawlessly with your bridal makeup, hair and flowers.

Here, at The Wedding Room, we are passionate about creating your dream wedding look, starting with the bridal gown and covering every detail from your wedding veil to your shoes. And now, because we love you so much, we want to give you, our favourite, lovely readers even more help in bringing together your bridal look by offering you a chance to read professional advice and top-tips.

Beauty Bridal Month is off to a flying start, so this week is for the LIPSTICK LOVERS. Enjoy Adele Coxon Makeup Artist’s best advice and ideas to create the perfect kisser!!


What colour would you say is the colour of the season for a bride’s lipstick?

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink is a big hit with my brides this year.

Should the bride and her bridesmaids wear the same colour lipstick?

For pictures, I think it looks fab when everyone has a coordinated look but works equally as well if the bride chooses a different colour & bridesmaids are coordinated.

Lip-lining, can you give any advice or tips? Is lip-lining a hell yeah or absolutely not!!

Hell yes! Lip lining should be done, it’s great for making thin lips look bigger & can really help finish a look off. If making lips look bigger be careful not to over-over line, 1 or 2mm is enough to give that fuller look. Always fill in your lips with lip pencil to as this helps your lipstick last longer too. 

Would you recommend any products that will keep a brides lipstick on for the whole day of her wedding?

Lipicote is a great product for keeping lipstick intact for as long as possible. Also, opting for a matte or liquid lipstick helps with longevity. 

What is your best tip for a bride and her bridesmaids when they are applying lipstick?

If possible, apply with a lip brush as you will have more control & less likely to apply to much.


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