Beauty Bridal Month


“You may now kiss the Bride” Yikes!! She’s thinking, I love you hunny, but if you smudge my lipstick, there’ll be trouble!

Finding the perfect lipstick that suits you has been a lifelong struggle – let’s not talk about the lavender purple you tried to rock as a 13-year-old, and please let’s forget about that haunting photo you deleted from Facebook of your huge smile with bright red lipstick smeared across your pearly whites. Shudder.. But now, it’s your wedding day and you want to look and feel your absolute best. So, it’s time to find the perfect shade of lipstick that suits you perfectly and will last all day long.

Our investigation into finding the most loved lippy for brides has been thorough. Primary research proved brides love the idea of a bold lipstick but its impractical as you spend your day kissing your loved ones, drinking champagne and eating delicious wedding cake, so unfortunately BOLD WONT HOLD. Other brides suggested they love the natural look for lipstick but struggled to find the perfect amount of gloss. We enlisted Jenni, from Make Up By Jenni, to come to the rescue, and she delivered the best advice and ideas we could ask for!!


What is your best tip for a bride and her bridesmaids when they are applying lipstick?

Exfoliate with a tissue 1st thing in the morning, then apply a moisturising lip balm to prep your lips. I love Burts bees! After you’ve applied your lipstick blot with a tissue and then go again.

Would you recommend any products that will keep a bride’s lipstick on for the whole day of her wedding?

All of my Brides receive a complimentary luxe lipstick to keep for top ups on their wedding day from Bobbi Brown or Charlotte Tilbury. So why worry when you have a gorgeous new lippy in your bag on standby.

Lip-lining, can you give any advice or tips?

A lip liner gives that extra definition and staying power.

What colour would you say is the colour of the season for a bride’s lipstick?

Each Bride has their own unique bespoke look tailored to them. Many Brides love a subtle nude pink to play extra drama to the eyes. Whilst some love to rock a red lip. 

Should the bride and her bridesmaids wear the same colour lipstick?

All looks are tailored to the individual unless special requests are made by the bride.


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