Hannah And Jordan


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The dark, night sky was lit by the sparkling stars and a bright moon, guiding the way for Jordan and Hannah as they took a midnight stroll through the hillside of Rhodes. Stumbling upon a stunning balcony, the couple paused, looking out over the moonlit sea as the wind blew through the white drapes. Taking a moment to gather his nerves, Jordan reached in to his pocket then knelt down on one knee. Bursting with joy and excitement Hannah agreed to marry the man of her dreams. After an unforgettable holiday, Hannah and Jordan returned home as a newly engaged, blissfully happy couple.

Hannah never would have expected such a romantic move from her beloved boyfriend years earlier when they met as a couple of 18 year olds in a bar and Jordan asked to take her to Starbucks. It was love at first sight which is only increased every day they spent together.

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6 years later, set amongst acres of stunning natural land in The Riding School, Calke Abby, Derbyshire, Hannah and Jordan tied the knot. This intimate and personal wedding was radiating beauty from all aspects. The blush, white and rose gold colour scheme perfectly complimented the ethereal and delicate décor of the venue, paired impeccably with the bohemian and natural floral décor. Dressed in a navy, three-piece suit from French Connection, Jordan walked down the aisle feeling and looking calm and collected, excited to see his bride to be. As the soft noise of the guests came to a silence, all attention eagerly turned in anticipation of the bride. Hannah looked sublime. The Stella York wedding gown fitted her seamlessly with an illusion lace, high neck line and sweetheart shape, an A line skirt and button detailing on the back. The vintage lace was complimented perfectly by the sparkle in Hannah’s accent belt, hair piece and eyes. In a loose up do with flowing curls, Hannah’s hair framed her beautiful face and highlighted her permanent smile. As Hannah walked gracefully down the aisle, her friends and family were in awe of her effortless beauty. But the brides focus remained set on her husband to be waiting patiently at the top of the aisle.

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How did you choose the style of your wedding shoes?

I popped into the local Dune store in Nottingham, and picked up their brochure. It surprised me that they didn’t stock any in-store, but fell in love with my bridal shoes after seeing them online. Thank goodness for ASOS’s video feature!

Did you have a dress budget, and did you stick to it?

I knew I didn’t want to spend TOO much, but wanted to get it right! I definitely kept within budget, thanks to how affordable The Wedding Room dresses are!

How did you choose the style of your hair?

Pinterest, pinterest, pinterest! Would have been lost without it. Victoria helped me visualise what I wanted better though, through my trial with her.

How and why did you select your florist?

I had loved the work of Louise at Number 27 Floral Design, since I’d seen her creations in some wedding photoshoots a while back. She creates such beautiful masterpieces, incorporating stunning florals and foliage – they are truly works of art. I love the wild, bohemian, and natural type of florals, and she created exactly what I had envisioned in my head.

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How did you choose your suppliers?

Social media was definitely a good platform for wedding research! I followed plenty of suppliers and was able to look through all their pictures to choose who I loved the most. After talking to them, I knew I had found the right people!

Do you have any top tips on how to get the most out of your photographer?

I’m glad we met with Grace and Mitch for a coffee beforehand. Getting to know them a bit better, and explaining what we wanted from the day and our photographers, ensured that we were comfortable with them and that they knew what we wanted. It helps that they are such wonderful people and photographers too! They just did their thing and created such beautiful images – you just have to go with the day and not feel too stressed in front of the camera!

What is the best piece of advice you could offer another bride?

Enjoy it all! I know everyone always says it, but the day goes SO fast and you’ll want to do it again, and again. So enjoy your day, take time out with your new husband, don’t be caught up with the little things that go wrong, and just make sure you’re happy!

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Were you nervous the night before your wedding, if so, how did you overcome the nerves?

I don’t think I really had much time to be nervous! I was so busy finishing up the last touches and creating our playlist that I was completely chill! I had two of my bridesmaids with me too, so they helped to make the situation feel a bit more normal and calm! I think it’s important to surround yourself with people you are comfortable with and that will keep you calm 🙂

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Where was the honeymoon?

We travelled 13 hours to the beautiful island of Mauritius!

What was your favourite moment of your wedding?

Apart from seeing my lovely husband at the end of the aisle. The highlight for both of us had to be at the end of the night, when the photographer had gone home, and guests were starting to leave, we gave a quick speech to thank everyone for coming and to close the night. As we cut the music, our friends and family began to shout “ONE MORE SONG!” – we gave in to peer pressure and played one last song, something like ‘Mr Brightside’ (I can’t quite remember!) We all huddled together, swaying, laughing, and singing out loud to the music – and it was an incredible feeling. Knowing that everyone was so happy for us, and wanted to continue the party.

What are you most looking forward too about married life?

I’ve loved every moment so far – we loved our honeymoon, and being able to celebrate each other together in such a beautiful and calming place. We are just excited for the rest of our future. To travel the World, to have a family of our own, to continue to inspire and push each other, and all the little things in between

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Photographer – Grace Elizabeth Photographer

Catering – Black Peppermint

Decor- Fabric Theatre & Save The Date Wedding Stylists

Band – These Your Children

Bridesmaids Attire – Little Mistress