This week we chatted to photographer Kathryn Edwards about how she started and a little about her engagement shoots. This is part one of two.

Hello Kathryn Thank you for joining us and taking park in this ‘getting to know you’ chat for our blog.

Kathryn Edwards Photography

Kathryn Edwards Photography

Tell us, when did you first fall in love with photography?

It was not until the ripe old age of 30! I’ve always appreciated photography. But I didn’t really pick up a camera until I turned 30 and was the guest at 9 weddings in one year! This is when I started taking an interest in photography. I can pinpoint it to one moment in fact. My friend was getting married in an outside pagan handfasting ceremony in Belgium. She hadn’t booked a photographer, but asked me to grab her camera from her car just before she walked down the aisle telling me to just give it to someone to take photos. I decided to be that someone. And fell in love with it. NB: I do not advocate this as a way to organise your wedding photography!

When did you buy your first camera and what model was it?

My first camera was an entry level DSLR back in 2008 (I am revealing my age now!) I believe it was a Canon 1000D. My interest in photography grew and I soon moved to the more professional level DSLR with a Canon 5D mark ii. I have since made the switch to Sony mirrorless.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I photographed my first ever wedding in 2011. And went full time in 2013. The same year my son was born, so that was an interesting year!

How would you describe your photography style.

My style is relaxed and natural with a dramatic and filmic mood to it. I am influenced by my love of theatre and film and really enjoy dramatic light in my photographs. I make use of natural light and shadow a lot.

Lisa & John

Lisa & John

So tell us, who is your photography crush?

Now that would be telling 😉 But if you mean what photographers do I admire? Well I really love the dramatic sweeping landscapes mixed with intimate romance of Gabe McClintock (based in the States but travels all over the world) and closer to home up in Scotland with a similar vibe are The Kitcheners. I am also loving Lexi Laine’s underwater photography at the moment, and recently splashed out on a huge print for my office!

Ok, on to the job stuff, where can couples see your images?

I blog regularly and pretty much all my weddings get featured on my website I also post regularly to instagram @Kathrynphotos and Facebook

What is the best way for couples to get in touch with you?

Email is always best. I have a contact form on my website, or just use I am more than happy for couples to ring for a natter as well, but I much prefer having an email too, then it’s all there in writing and I don’t have to worry about storing the info in my head!

Can you explain your process of engaging with your clients and how you put them at ease on their wedding day?

I love to get to know my couples a bit before their big day. This is one of the reasons I offer an engagement shoot as it is really a wonderful way for us to get to know each other and also for them to feel comfortable in front of my camera. I tend to just relax them with my personality and having a natter and finding things we have in common. I am also a bit goofy, which helps. When your photographer is tripping up over her camera bag or forgetting to take the lens cap off the camera, it kind of puts your couples at ease. haha. I am not a very intimidating person (I don’t think) and I am all about embracing the awkwardness. But also I don’t go in for much posing, preferring couples to just be themselves. That is what I want to get out of them at the end of the day. I will find the good light, and get them to relax and the rest is just getting smiles and giggles and hoping my couples feel relaxed with me and each other.

Ayse, last minute preparations

Ayse, last minute preparations

OK let’s talk about engagement shoots – it is engagement season after all, do you suggest the locations or do the couples?

Either. I have photographed engagement shoots in all sorts of places, rural and urban. If my couple have a special location they want to do it, then I go with them. But if they would like some ideas, I can point them to examples of various locations in and around Nottingham.

Can engagement shoots be inside or outside – considering the current Covid-19 situation.

I tend to shoot outside. I won’t shoot during a lockdown. But outside of lockdown restrictions, if we are sensible with social distancing, I am happy to shoot outside.

In the East Midlands we are surrounded by some beautiful countryside and venues, what backdrops do you look for when capturing couples ?

For me, it is less about backdrops and more about the light. I have photographed couples in the car park because the sunset poking through the trees was so lovely. I just got down low, and you would never know we were in a car park! I like quirky backdrops, and something a bit more unusual. I will gravitate towards the overgrown kitchen garden with a run down greenhouse with broken glass or a brick wall with moss on it over a posh gazebo.

Beccy & Tee

Beccy & Tee

Do your engagement shoots come as part of a package?

I do offer engagement shoots as part of my top two packages or as an add on, and I highly recommend them. Especially if you are a bit shy in front of the camera. In fact nearly every single one of my couples say they are not used to having their photo taken and many feel a bit nervous. But 100% feel it to be a lot less stressful than they imagined after the engagement shoot with most really enjoying it. In fact one of my loveliest comments many years ago came from a bride who said she was really nervous about having her photo taken at her wedding and it turned out to be one of her favourite parts of the day. I think part of that is the opportunity to get away from all your guests and spend a moment alone with each other (and your photographer) and be told how wonderful you look, with squeals of delight from a goofy photographer getting excited about the light at this time of day!

engagement shoot

Let’s talk about trends? What trends are emerging in photography at the moment?

I’m not really one for following trends, though I think it’s hard not to be influenced by them. I notice trends in weddings more than photography itself as photography styles are so varied. The reportage documentary style has been really popular in previous years. I am wondering if smaller pared back weddings will see a move to more stylised photography. I sit somewhere in the middle. Enjoying some documentary moments, but also really enjoying portraiture.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from Kathryn. In part 2 of our chat we talk about how things work on the day, look out for it on our blog at The Wedding Room.