Starting out on your wedding dress journey can be a little daunting. Some brides already have a good idea of the kind of wedding dress they want, some have imagined how they want to look on their big day and have a Pinterest board bursting with inspiration, but not all. For some brides it seems a big task and one they are not sure how to tackle.

We thought we would give you our take on making your appointment and what to expect when you attend.

Choosing which Bridal Boutique to visit should be a pretty easy task, social media, websites and word of mouth are your guides here. Firstly, look for local boutique and check out their social media, here you can learn which designers they have in store, how busy they are and the general vibe. If you like what you see check out their reviews, what are recent brides telling you about their experience? If you are happy, get in touch to make your appointment. From the moment you make contact make sure you are already feeling on your journey, most boutiques are passionate about making this journey the very best it can be.

If you have chosen to visit The Wedding Room you have made an excellent choice. Our mission is to ensure each bride has a relaxed and fun appointment. When you arrive we will talk with you about your dress search so far, your likes and dislikes, styles and details, your venue and the theme of the wedding, what vibe you want to create? We will already be thinking of the dresses in our collection that we think will work.

The natural way we shop is to ‘browse’. Dresses can seem very different in reality to how they look on a photograph so we think browsing is important. You and your guests will have time to look over the collection and chat about the elements of the dresses you like. When you have selected a few we can start trying on. Once in the changing room, you will be asked to undress down to your underwear, we will then join you to assist you in getting in the dresses. As we have a variety of sizes not all dresses will fit so there will always be some pinning / altering to do to make sure you are able to see the how the dress looks as perfectly as possible. There is a small podium in front of the mirror and an extra mirror behind you to see yourself from all angles. We can accessories with head pieces and veils to suit your look and then we discuss. What do you love ? what DON’T you love ? all the time we are listening and thinking of other dresses we have that could be more ‘you’.

Often, brides easily find ‘the one’. Once a bride has that feeling it is an emotional moment. She has chosen, she can visualized herself on the day, in THAT dress and that is the very best part of our job. Sometimes it is between two and there is a little back an forth, switching from one favourite to the other until a clear winner emerges. Sometimes a bride needs and wants more time.


When we reach the end of the appointment and the bride is not quite ready to say YES, a second appointment is made. Mostly, our brides do find their dresses on their first appointment which is amazing, after a little celebrating and taking photos we take a few moments to go through the order process. We take your measurements, go through the contract, a deposit is paid and TICK.. dress sorted. It really is that easy.

The Wedding Room would love to be part your dress journey. To make you your appointment with us simply click here

We look forward to meeting you.

Mary & Lucy.