This week at The Wedding Room, we are extremely excited about another one of our fabulous Eliza Jane Howell dresses arriving. This week Glenda the dress on the right below has made her debut appearance in store.

All the dresses are beautifully embellished with delicate beading and sequins and really ooze the 1920s style. We love how elegant the dresses look and are perfect to accessorize with. We have found that because they are designed using such a light fabric they are perfect for a wedding abroad!

The Eliza Jane Howell collections are defined as the 'Epitome of grown up glamour' and have been " designed for the modern day bride who would love to wear a dress that oozes the glamour, sophistication and decadence of the golden age of fashion". Gill Harvey, Head Designer and Founder of Eliza Jane Howell.

Jenny Packham is another famous designer for embellished wedding dresses. Fortunately for you our range of Eliza Jane Howell dresses are half the price but are just as beautiful!

Here are some examples of her beautiful 20s inspired wedding dresses. Although they come with a bigger price tag, Packham's designs are exquisite and she is definitely the leader and trend setter for embellished wedding dresses.

After the release of the hit film 'The Great Gatsby' in 2013 wedding dress designs were heavily influenced. With heavy embellishment and beading the style has been very popular in the wedding industry, as there is the opportunity for you to wear your wedding dress again as an exquisite evening gown.

To ensure you complete your 1920s look and style of your wedding dress, a beautiful headpiece is crucial. We found some fabulous examples to show you.

The styling of the 20s is to really incorporate crystals and feathers into your hair. Often the headpiece will come down further on to your forehead. Here at The Wedding Room we stock various headpieces. They are not quite as dramatic but are more subtle pieces to create a 20s look! Below are some examples of styles we stock! Feel free to ring us and book an appointment to try some on!