While were currently in the busiest month for weddings, here at The Wedding Room we still love the idea of having a wintery wedding. Luckily a winter wedding can mean the cost of everything is less but the wedding can look just as beautiful.

We love a berry lip for the bride or bridesmaids. It can bring in a small amount of festivity without looking tacky and can make everyone look very glamorous.

Another important accessory to have at your wedding is a feather bolero. Here at The Wedding we stock 3 different styles made from marabou feathers. The bolero is perfect for keeping you warm in the Winter, but doesn't distract from your dress. It is a beautiful and glamorous accessory for your 'Big Day'.

The Bolero doesn't always have to be white. This photograph below shows a brown fur bolero, which looks just as beautiful and stands out perfectly against the white background of a wintery Canadian wedding.

Another option for keeping you warm is to go with a longer cloak. It sounds a bit strange but it can also look really beautiful and keeps you very warm.

We love navy as an accessory colour for your wedding day. Whether its the men's suits or the bridesmaids dresses, its a great colour for the winter without looking typically festive. Some examples are featured below on how to integrate the colour into your 'Big Day'.

Using navy as your base colour allows your flowers to be more colourful and brighter. Bringing in a small amount of festivity with reds and greens into the bouquets gives the wedding the perfect look for Christmas.

Festivity can also be brought in subtly. For example, adding red detail to your wedding cake.

Finally, we have found some beautiful and fabulous examples of how to decorate and theme your wedding.

We love the simplicity of this centre piece. It is completely wintery and glows from the candles surrounding it! It is a great way of keeping the budget down as flowers are much more costly. Below is another way to decorate your tables with a budget. Grabbing some acorns and spraying them yourself works beautifully with a wintery theme, adding a touch of silver and sparkle to your tables!