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Morning folks, hope you had a good weekend. To kick start the week Katrina has been delving into the wonderful world of veils. Enjoy the blog and over to Katrina……

So today I am kicking off the topic of accessories with short veils. Veils are very much a matter of preference; I had one called “the elbow length” and didn’t ever think I would have one as I thought it was a bit girly and I’m not really that in day-to-day life; but it completed my overall look for my special day and gave a bit of height to my hair here!

Did you know that there are names for all the different lengths? The shorter lengths vary from the birdcage veil which covers your face and part of your hair; the shoulder length veil; the blusher covers your face as you walk down the aisle and the elbow length that hits you above the elbow. It would seem that the birdcage veil is the most popular of the shorter 1950’s inspired wedding dress currently. Lots of B2B have been having fun recently in The Wedding Room combining our range of Lou Lou Dresses with a birdcage veil.

The variety in colour tones and the material textures are vast… do you go for a French lace trim; a cloud of silk tulle, a swath of modern nylon tulle?

Shorter veils often look their best with 50’s and 60’s tea length dresses or with dresses which have detailing around the bodice to show it off. Also, if you have fine hair or have your hair piled high on top then a shorter veil will not weigh your hair down in the same way that a longer one can.

Some veils do come in various different lengths, either 54″ or 72″ as this Rainbow veil shown above. (available to buy at The Wedding Room too!)

Lets also face it girls, when are you ever going to get to wear one of these again! It’s a bit like seeing a dress on a hanger in the changing room and thinking, well I’ll just give it a go and hey presto it looks great! So do give them a go and I’d recommend that you buy in conjunction with your dress, as an expert like Mary can advise you on what suits your gown.

Until next time

Katrina x

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