It’s become a fashion must have for some – the ever changing, latest nail colours and textures. We are all different though and for some for you, this will go right over your heads with the thinking “ what’s to think about??” But maybe you are a b2b for whom this choice will be important for complementing your overall look ?

Back in the good old days (probably pre 2000!!) nails were not as important here in the UK. For your wedding day I suspect most brides used clear, or a very pale pearly colour – I know I did. That was it – no embellishments or nail art existed. Now today – well, the choice is fantastic and so many are blogging about this too!
So do you go for something to complement your colour scheme and then a sneaky clashing little finger? What about using these glequins?

Or do you keep the real show for your toe nails?? Look at this pretty design – great for the beach on honeymoon!!

There are many internet tutorials where you can learn special effects and save yourself cash if your budget is tight. nailnerd is a great site for all kinds of tutorials and pinterest is good for the latest looks. Or what about asking your friends to share their bottles of nail polish for a girly afternoon of trial painting?

The price of nailpolish varies alot, and nowadays cheaper can often be as good, if you apply a top coat to seal it. Try BarryM brand – it’s great for special effect top coats.

Once you have your gown and bridesmaids dresses, you can have a ball coordinating nail colour for a fun look. At a wedding recently, all the ladies on the bridal party wore sandals and various shades of pink nail polish with embellishments – each put one foot pointing into a tight circle, someone took a cool photo – a great reminder of a fabulous wedding.

Until next time, Katrina x


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