Mary tells me that she is very busy in The Wedding Room helping lots of b2bs in their search for “thee” dress. So when you’ve finally chosen (with a sigh of relief!) you can move on to the fun part I think – your accessories. Look in the big high street department stores, plus online shops and jewellery designers for inspiration.

Today I thought I’d talk about short necklaces. Many dresses are complemented by a necklace at your décolleté and these can range from subtle to real WOW statement pieces. What about this unusual one?

The choice is vast but it’s so important to match it with your overall look. Maybe buy a couple of necklaces and if possible take them to your wedding boutique to try them on with your chosen gown. If that’s not possible then take a photo of your gown with you, when you go shopping. Now a simple neckline can always take a bolder piece like this…

Do you have an heirloom dilemma? Some mothers or grandmothers pass on a special vintage piece for your big day and it may not suit your look. This is a tricky discussion to have, but being honest is the best way. Or maybe you fancy a vintage piece? – John Lewis have a constantly evolving vintage jewellery collection worth a look.

So are you a gold or a silver girl? What about this whimsy modern look – very cute and would go well with a vintage themed day….

Or are you thinking about bringing in a hint of colour? Or the classic of pearls always looks warm in photos. If you do decide to have a necklace and you have to buy it, make sure you’d know you’d wear it again.

Until next time, Katrina x

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