If you are a b2b and searching for the perfect venue, I know that many of you are looking for a special place that has both indoor and outdoor space to entertain your guests. This current trend fits really well with the personalised touches which you are bringing to your big day.

What do you think about having your ceremony outdoors in the summer months? Many venues are now creating beautiful areas within their grounds for intimate ceremonies, some incorporating a water feature as a focal point.

For staging your reception, the ability to sit outdoors would be gorgeous – imagine on a summers evening what a celebration you’d have with friends and family! There are so many country houses and hotels with outdoor space that you can decorate to suit your theme.

Or what about renting some farm space for your ceremony and putting up a groovy marquee? You could really go to town with the decorations….

Vintage decorations really look at home outdoors – using bunting, mismatched crockery and glasses, wild flowers, antique lace table runners ….. all complement each other in this setting.

What about also using your own back garden as your venue? This couple used the move to their new house as part of the reason to get married at home.

So I hope you consider the option of at least being outside for part of your day – it adds interest to your photos and guests love it if the weather allows!

Until next time, Katrina x

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