The blog topic today is musical choice for your wedding reception celebration. This is important to get right as it is something that can help to set the scene early at the reception and it also says a lot about you as a couple. I think its nice to start in a refined way, maybe with some classical music?

Wedding musical entertainment can be a stressful subject. What do you choose? A lot will depend on your budget of course, but you will need to have some form of music as otherwise the atmosphere can get a little flat. Check if your venue would allow you to bring in your own DJ – some don’t. At the very least you can connect an iPod to speakers and let guests choose the music.

So what if everyone doesn’t like your choice of group or disco song choices? Well my response is tough luck! It’s your big day and with h2b you should choose what will make you happy! Maybe you have a favourite local group? It’s currently very popular to hire groups who play folk rock like Mumford and Sons to fit with a vintage wedding theme. Or what about a ceidlh band – the combo of singing and getting guests of all ages dancing often works well.

Cover bands are very popular for weddings and in between their sets you can always play a wider range of music to suit older guests?! If you are paying hard cash for a group, make sure you have both seen them play before booking them – an obvious point I know, but booking purely on a friend’s recommendation does not always work.

First dance inspiration can be hard – so many songs to choose from! Youtube has many sample selections – here is a popular top 10 songs 2012 list. Take time to choose carefully and you can make your friends and relatives remember your big day with fondness – music helps the ambience and ensures that everyone will be talking about your day for all the right reasons!

bye for now, Katrina x

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