Banners seem to be everywhere at weddings today – they are a very popular item of wedding venue decoration and can help customise your day and give it personal meaning for all your guests. To help with the feel good factor on your big day, here are a few ideas for making your own.

Banners can be made of all sorts of interesting materials; from all types of material, card and paper to plastic. most often they will say a phrase, but they can be just photos, hearts or groovy patterns. Think about whether you’d like to keep the banner after your wedding day, to display in your home as a keep sake and reminder.

Starting with helpful pointers showing which way to go; this photo below on the left is a funny way to guide your guests to the venue, if your reception is up a lane. So take a funny photo of yourselves pointing to the left or right together and get it blown up. Then mount it on a wooden stake.

The welcome sign with a couples name on it is easy to make and cheap to do. Get a piece of skirting board, paint it firstly in white paint. Then write your names using big dots – you can use a bright coloured permanent marker to do this. Nail the board to a stake and firmly push it into an existing plant pot of whatever is in bloom. This old watering can with daisies is very cute!

Remember that Martha Stewart is always a great reference for everything wedding specific and she’s inspirational for DIY wedding decor. Click here to get the instructions to make this easy classic paper banner if this would suit your chosen wedding theme.

Or what about this banner? You could display any message of special meaning. Again, it’s pretty easy to make the template for A – Z letters are in this link and it won’t cost alot. Choose the colour of the paper to match your bridesmaids dresses.

I think that making the effort to create something to display on your wedding day is a really nice touch and your guests will appreciate it. You can go as OTT or understated as you like – whatever feels right.

Get the scissors out, go to hobbycraft for supplies and have a go!
Bye for now, Katrina x

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