So girls, it’s the new year and many of you are out hunting for your accessories with a vengeance, as I have heard from Mary! Today I thought I’d write a bit about longer veils.

I have already written in a previous blog here about short veils, but the full monty is something really special if you can pull it off. What do you think?

Having a particular style of dress and personal height may influence whether you try a longer length with your chosen gown, but I think that it is always worth trying something you think is not for you and often you are pleasantly surprised. Remember it is important to try a veil with your wedding hair do, to check that it looks right.

If you are having a vintage gown, then a beautiful longer lace veil can complement your look so beautifully, whether yours is a formal or more relaxed look. Don’t you agree with these finishing looks above and below?

You can really go to town and have the 3 piece veil as shown below – that’s 3 lengths of veil, whereby the longest piece can be removed later in the day. If you have a large church booked for the ceremony, then the drama of it all would be fabulous!

Subtle embroidery around the hem would be all you’d need on a more modern veil so as not to detract from your gown. Plus recommendations seem to be either antique/repro antique lace or tulle so it would drape correctly over your gown…. The one time you get to look like a princess – I’m very jealous!! What will you choose??

Until next time, Katrina x

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