Making pom poms
Now everyone, pom poms are not just for American cheer leaders! They can add a look of fun to a gorgeous wedding feast. They go with all type of wedding themes; whether it’s vintage, modern, minimal or classic. You can make them cheaply with paper, wool or ribbon. Just look at these paper beauties!!

Different colour and mixed sizes help to set your scene. In this photo below a British/vintage themed party benefits from ribbon made pom poms suspended on invisible thread. They are cheap to make, take a little time and don’t need much previous skill or experience.

But what about decorating your wedding car with trails of pom poms – very cute!

Historically many of us made wool pom poms at school and these can look great with a vintage themed wedding. Doing a wide range of colours or shades of a colour can look great – don’t forget to try wool which is multicoloured or has silver and gold thread through it.

You can also make pom pom garlands too – click here for a good how to video from Martha Stewart. String them onto ribbon, coloured string or invisible thread. Now if you feel it’s a bit OTT to have them everywhere, then what about just a big punchy display of some over a side table in the entry, where your guests arrive? Or what about making some into flowers – these photos show just how versatile this decoration can be!

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