Wedding themes are the bread and butter of many wedding blog sites and wedding magazines. Bloggers love talking about and showing you all the beautiful things available to buy and hire, plus stunning examples of photography of real weddings. Just look at this vinateg real wedding breakfast style…with a touch of crafty DIY, just look at the place names !

So what theme is right for you? A theme can be a combination of lots of stuff – for example a choice of colour, the season, a collection of favourite things or even a style suggested by your reception venue. Creating a detailed theme is a relatively new trend. Ten years ago most B2Bs thought they had 3 choices – go to Vegas, to a tropical beach or arrange your reception at home in the local hotel. We never thought about choosing a gown and accessories based on bygone times – this 50’s gown looks fabulous don’t you think?

Be smart – look at what others have done if you want inspiration. Cherrypick your ideas and you lower your stress as the majority of your guests will never look at wedding blogs or websites! Mary and I can both spend ages ogling boho-weddings and Love my dress. Why not have a classic British timeless wedding that doesn’t have a theme but add in things you like? The look can still be beautiful as this couple here.

I think I had it easy! My “theme” was one accompanying colour for bridesmaids, flowers, table napkins etc. Your theme is what feels right for you both. If you just remember why you are getting married and incorporate personal things that you both like and you won’t go wrong.

The vintage trend is massive for wedding decorations at the moment, from birdcage centrepices, to ornate candlesticks, decorative tea lights and the ever present hearts theme is timeless.

Canny B2Bs are combining vintage ideas with their DIY and it gives such a personal look. Here the B2B decorated wine bottles with script music and made the lavender heart favours.

Do you know exactly what theme you want or have you still to make the decision? I’m a bit indecisive so I know I would find it hard to choose….:)

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