Today I want to talk about the massive trend for “vintage” weddings. This can mean as much or as little as you want – from all clothes styling to dressing your reception venue. There is inspiration overload on the internet, to help you set the scene, so get surfing and go back in time. What about this 1920s style dress and enormous bouquet – big flowers were all the rage then!

It is really interesting how this trend has come to the fore in the last few years; for bride mums it must be really nice to see daughter B2Bs choosing outfits or accessories that often remind them of their big day. Overlapping vintage we also often see the homemade/DIY angle and it can work brilliantly in the right setting.

Vintage can be from any era in history and any country…. what about recreating Roman times; the Regency period (think Darcy and Pride and Prejudice here); the American 1920’s with flapper girls, drop waists and skull caps; or go more up to date with the 1970’s Bo Derek or Saturday Night Fever glamorous disco styling.

Every era has its gems. So think about what makes you smile – research each era for their dresses or table layouts – look at photos on Google Images for a flavour of each era. Again, the choice is purely personal for you both and so mix and match and it’ll still look great! Now what about this regency styled table, it looks very Jane Austen…..

By viewing our dress range at The Wedding Room it’s clearly evident vintage styled dresses are very wearable as there is a gown style for everyone’s shape, so don’t be shy and ask our advice – we have such a great collection of vintage inspired gowns, whether they feature delicate lace or a silhouette from the 1950’s, there is sure to be one here that you’ll love.

Until next time,

Katrina x

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Image 5: Dress by Charlotte Blabier available at The Wedding Room