No doubt over the last few evenings you will have stood out in the cold and enjoyed the splendour of fireworks. Hands up who couldn’t help themselves with the odd oooooo and arggggggghh every now and again. That would be me!
Even if you took the decision to stay indoors wrapped up nice and warm there’s is no doubting the appeal of fireworks for all ages. Which is why choosing fireworks as part of your wedding day celebrations is a great option.

With brightly dancing lights as a backdrop what a fantastic opportunity for your photographer to capture some truly memorable images. Many fireworks are set to music and they can really add that extra pizazz to your evening. No doubt you can request certain colours if you have opted for a colour scheme throughout the day. One of the things I love about a dazzling display is the fact it tends to unite guests of all ages and bring them together. Often sparklers are used at weddings too to add an element of fun and who can resist the temptation of writing their name?

I had another wonderful family night out with the kids on Friday evening at the school firework display which was presented by our local company Magic and Miracle fireworks. Fortunately both my children are uncontrollably giddy at the prospect of fireworks but not every child feels the same, so needless to say with small guests in your wedding party, it’s worth mentioning this to parents first. this video shows Magic and Miracle fireworks show last year.

Be sure to check with your venue that they allow fireworks before paying any deposits.

Image 1

Image 2.